Artist The Shins
Album Wincing The Night Away
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E           Dbm                     Gbm   
Born to multiply or born to gaze into night skies,
Gbm Abm  A            Abm  Gbm    
 all you want's one more Saturday.
E                      Dbm
But look here, until then
They're gonna buy your life's time
Gbm - Abm             A                 Abm       Gbm 
 So keep your wick in the air and your feet in the fetters

B                                 E
Til the day, we come in doing cartwheels
                       B                                E
We all crawl out by ourselves, and your shape on the dance floor
Will have me thinking such filth I'll gouge my eyes.
           Dbm         A
You'll be damned to be one of us girl
 Dbm            A
Faced with the dodo's conundrum
E     Gbm                      A
      I felt like I could just fly
     Abm                          B  A Abm Gbm 
But nothing happened every time I tried.

E                Dbm                                 Gbm
Duotone on the wall, the selfless fool who hoped he'd saved us all
Gbm  Abm    A            Abm    Gbm
   never dreamt of such sterile hands
E                            Dbm                      Gbm
You keep them folded in your lap, or raise them up to beg for scraps
Gbm Abm         A                        Abm           Gbm    B
You know he's holding you down with the tips of his fingers, just the same

                             E                             B
Will you be pulled from the ocean? But just a minute too late?
                  E                                B
Or changed by a potion, and find a handsome young mate for you to love
             Dbm                         A
you'll be damned to pining through the window panes, you know
Dbm                                 A     E - Gbm                        A
you'll trade your life for any ordinary joe's,    well do it now or grow old

                     Abm                         B A Abm Gbm
Cos your nightmares only need a year or two to unfold

    E  Dbm  Gbm  Abm  A  Abm  Gbm
    E  Dbm  Gbm  Abm  A  Abm  Gbm

B                             E  
Been alone since you were 21, you haven't laughed since January
B                                          E
You try and make like this is so much fun, but we know it to be be quite contrary
La la la la la la

Dbm          A                 Dbm          A     
Dare to be one of us, girl, facing the android's conundrum
E - Gbm                           A
   I     felt like I should just cry

Abm                               A
But nothing happens every time I take one on the chin
        Abm                               A
Yeah Himmler in your coat you don't know how long I've been
Abm             A           Abm           A
Watching the lantern dim, starved of oxygen, oh
    Gbm                         A            B
so give me your hand and lets jump out the window

Outro: E
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  1. Supernora

    Lovely song, -2 is easier! I loved to practise this :)

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