G     G      G
  Don't push me out,
G         G      G
  Just a little longer
  Stall your mother,
Cmaj7                      G Gsus4 G
  Disregard your father's words.
G             G      G
  Close the laundry door,
G           G         G
  Tiptoe across the floor
  Keep your clothes on,
Cmaj7                   G Gsus4 G
  I got all that I can take
  Teach me how to use
Cmaj7                           G Gsus4 G
  The love that people say you made

G            G        G
  Stop your parents' car
G         G               G
  I just saw a shooting star
  We can wish upon it
Cmaj7                            G Gsus4 G
  But we wont share the wish we made
  But I cant keep no secrets,
Cmaj7                            G Gsus4 G
  I wish that you would always stay

G                G                     G
  Last night I dreamt the whole night long
G                G            G
  I woke with a head full of songs
  I spent the whole day
Cmaj7                           G Gsus4 G
  I wrote 'em down, but its a shame
  Tonight I'll burn the lyrics,
Cmaj7                           G Gsus4 G
  'Cause every Chorus was your name

G             G            G
  Break this tired old routine
G           G                   G
  And this time don't make me leave
G          G                G
  I am a breathing time machine,
G               G          G
  I'll take you all for a ride