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Intro -x2-: C D Em D

Verse 1:
  C                      D
Oh, to see without my eyes
   Em                   Bm
The first time that you kissed me
   C                         D
Boundless by the time I cried
   Em	              Bm
I built your walls around me
  C                            D
White noise, what an awful sound
   Em             Bm
Fumbling by Rogue River
   C                        D
Feel my feet above the ground
   Em             Bm
Hand of God, deliver me

Chorus 1:
Am		      D
Oh, oh woe-oh-woah is me
      G	  G    G    G    G      D   
The first time that you touched me
Am		        D
Oh, will wonders ever cease?
G  G   G   G   G   D       C
Blessed be the mystery of love

Interlude 1:
C G   D -x4-
C D Em   D 

Verse 2:
C                    D
Lord, I no longer believe
Em  	           D
Drowned in living waters
C                             D
Cursed by the love that I received
Em  		    D
From my brother's daughter
C                      D
Like Hephaestion, who died
Em           D
Alexander's lover
C                     D
Now my riverbed has dried
Em               D
Shall I find no other?

Chorus 2:
Am	              D
Oh, oh woe-oh-woah is me
     G G   G   G   G   D  
I'm running like a plover
Am	              D
Now I'm prone to misery
     G   G   G   G    G    D       C
The birthmark on your shoulder reminds me

Interlude 2:
C G   D -x4-
C D Em   D 

Verse 3:
C                      D
How much sorrow can I take?
Em  	          D
Blackbird on my shoulder
C                            D
And what difference does it make
Em  		   D
When this love is over?
C                          D
Shall I sleep within your bed
Em  	    D
River of unhappiness
C                        D
Hold your hands upon my head
Em  			   D
Till I breathe my last breath

Chorus 3:
Am		      D
Oh, oh woe-oh-woah is me
     G   G    G    G    G      D   
The last time that you touched me
Am		        D
Oh, will wonders ever cease? 
G  G   G   G   G   D       C
Blessed be the mystery of love

Outro: C G D
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  1. I LOVE THIS wow also I love call me by your name and this song in the movie is beautiful!!!!

  2. Anyone have a good strumming pattern they like to use for this?

  3. this sounds a lot better on guitar but for ukulele, I like to just use the C and E string

  4. you should strum strings like this: C E G A C

  5. goldiammer

    i think +5 is easieast to play and to sing :)

  6. Sophie_walsh

    Anyone know the plucking pattern to this

    • On C and D I do ( 2,3,1,2,3) and on Em I do (2,3,4,2,3) although instead of playing Bm I just play D
      I usually go through the pattern twice on each chord but in some areas you have to change it a little. Hope this helps!

    • i do all open strings and then i pluck strings 2, 3, 1, 4, 3, 1, then i hold down all second frets and pluck those same strings then i hold down all third frets and do the same strings again.

  7. MythicMusic

    so great! i only use the verse chords fro verses 2 and 3 if it makes it a little easier for anyone. also instead of using a bunch of g strums for the chorus, i just use 5 strums: em d em em d

  8. These chords a perfect!


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