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Intro: C C C C

C		F
Sick and sad again,
C		       G
sometimes I'd like the rain to end.
C		F
Sick and sad again,
C	    G       F           C
sometimes I like to stand on my own two feet.

C		      Em
Went to the corner of second and main
but there was someone there who mentioned
	  F		      C	       G
that they hoped it would rain forever, forever,
	      F        C	
so they could drown in peace. 

C		 Em
Went down to the Hodskin P.L.
But there was nobody to answer
       F   		 C	  G
when I rang the doorbell forever, forever.
           F           C
So now I'm sad all the time.

C		F
Sick and sad again,
C		       G
sometimes I'd like the rain to end.
C		F
Sick and sad again,
C	    G       F           C
sometimes I like to stand on my own two feet.

Interlude: C C C C

- The Big Sleep -

C                       G                  Am      
Why do you cry when you know how the story ends?
F                          C                       G
How can you laugh when you know that it hurts your friends?
C                         G             Am
We've all been there once but you never left
F                 C
This is me coming back to get you
F                 G                 C
I have to say goodbye to make amends
C       G            Am
I'm not leaving this place
F          C            G
Unless i'm leaving with you
C               G             Am 
You're the only person with a half decent heart
      F                       G
And i know you will put it to use
           C     G     Am
Until it's gone, gone, gone
F     C     G
gone, gone, gone
C     G     Am    G     F     G
gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, yeah

- no Interlude here -

- Somewhere in the Between -

Verse- starts on the G from the YEAH! -:
         C    Em          Am
You were gone when we found you
         F              C                 G
You were practically surrounded, you were trapped
        C          Em             Am        F
But the opposition stalled, their blood ran cold
C                 G                    C   - STOP -
When they saw the look of love in your eyes
          C                  Em      
Maybe the times we had, they weren't that bad
And everything else was part of the plan
   F        C          G                C
We sang: "I don't know where we go - from here" -
            C      Em     Am                F
This is the alpha, omega, beginning and the end
       C        G           C    - STOP -
And we all just idolize the dead

            C                 Em                    Am
So you were born - So you were born -, and that was a good day
               F                   C                   G
Someday you'll die - Someday you'll die -, and that is a shame
    C                Em            Am                   F
But somewhere in the between was a life of which we all dream
    C                       G              C
And nothing and no one will ever take that away    
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  1. This isn’t just Sick and Sad, it’s a Streetlight Medley! Awesome but mis-titled

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