Intro: D

D      Db7   Gb7        Bm                 Gmaj7
I agree      you were right to say we're doomed
D                 Db7          Gb7          Bm              Gmaj7
Cuz there isn't a chance that I'll get to be in your arms soon 
Cuz I'm back on the road now 
             D            Gbm7   Bm
And there is nothing that we can do
          Gmaj7                       D
I have to find a way to make the days pass soon 

D               Db7  Gb7       Bm                 Gmaj7
We spend our time    looking for which one fits best 
D                       Db7 
And in the morning I am waking
        Gb7                Bm                   Gmaj7
And I'm wondering how its me who ended up like this 
Cuz I'm the one who said it would be easy
            D         Gbm7     Bm
Now I'm the one whose feeling worse 
      Gmaj7                        D
Cuz I agreed that I would never be put first 

D     Bm        Em               A
And I know your heart is beating slow 
           D         Bm
And out of time with mine
   Em       A       D
So now I'll say goodbye