Intro: Bb
Verse 1:
Bb                Fsus4    Ebadd9
I've been running around in circles
Bb            Fsus4    Ebadd9
Pretending to be myself
Bb                 C7sus4    Ebadd9
Why would somebody do this on purpose
Bb                Fsus4     Ebadd9
When they could do something else?
Gm7              Ebadd9
Drowning out the morning birds
        Bb               Fsus4      Ebadd9
With the same three songs over and over
         Bb              Fsus4       Ebadd9
I wish I wrote it, but I didn't so I learn the words
      Bb                     Fsus4       Ebadd9
Hum along 'til the feeling's gone forever
Verse 2:
       Ebadd9  Bb      Fsus4  
Took a tour to see the stars
      C7sus4            Ebadd9
But they weren't out tonight
            Ebadd9    Bb           Fsus4  
So I wished hard on a Chinese satellite
  Ebadd9     Bb  Fsus4  
I want to believe
Ebadd9                Bb             Fsus4  
Instead I look at the sky and I feel nothing
Ebadd9     Bb          Fsus4  
You know I hate to be alone
I want to be wrong
Verse 3:
Bb                        Fsus4    Ebadd9
You were screamin' at the Evangelicals
          Bb                        Fsus4        Ebadd9
They were screamin' right back from what I remember
              Bb     Fsus4        Ebadd9
When you said I will never be your vegetable
        Bb                  Fsus4          Ebadd9
Because I think when you're gone it's forever
    Bb           Ebadd9       Bb
But you know I'd stand on the corner
   Fsus4          C7sus4 Ebadd9
Embarrassed with a picket sign
      Ebadd9        Bb
If it meant I would see you
When I die
Verse 4:
          Ebadd9       Bb   Fsus4  
Sometimes when I can't sleep
Ebadd9                Bb              Fsus4  
It's just a matter of time before I'm hearing things
Ebadd9        Bb                   Fsus4  
Swore I could feel you through the walls
But that's impossible
Ebadd9       Bb  Fsus4  
I want to believe
Ebadd9          Bb              Fsus4  
That if I go outside I'll see a tractor beam
Ebadd9    Bb          Fsus4  
Coming to take me to where I'm from
Fsus4    Gm7 Ebadd9
I want to go home
Outro: Ebadd9