E            Gbm
What the world needs now
   A                      E
Is another sad boy with a guitar
You've got to whine so loud
       A                       E
If you want them to make you a star
                                 Gbm                   A
Sing something about her eyes or staring out into the sunrise
Doesn't matter if it rhymes
                                                 Gbm                     A
Maybe some girl broke your heart and you've been drinking whiskey after dark
Something along those lines
    Dbm                             B
The bigger the personal crisis the higher the ticket prices
So get up there and grab it, develop a drug habit
       Dbm                              B
You've never ever felt this low but it sounds great on the radio
   A                            B                             E
As soon as the teens buy it get yourself a Porsche to cry in, oh

B    A   E
Oh, oh, oh
B   A  E
Oh, oh, oh
B   A   E
Oh, oh
G     D     -nc-
Oooo, ooo