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Verse 1:
Im in trouble

I'm an addict

I'm addicted to this girl
Shes got my heart tied in a knot

And my stomach in a whirl
But even worse I can't stop calling her

She's all I want and more
       Ab                  Bb
I mean damn, whats not to adore?

I've been playin' to much gee-tar

I've been listenin' to jazz
I called so many times I think shes goin mad
And that cellular-er will be the death of us
  Ab        Bb
I swear, I swear

*Here he mutes the strings and strums the rythm is 1...1,2..1,2,3 The rythm is the same as the Chorus

And oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Ooooh Oooooh

I'm running my mouth just like I got her
             Ab     Bb
But I surely don't

Because shes so-o-o-o-o-o-o
And out of my league
Is she out of my league?
Lets hope not    
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  1. I’m in trouble. I need the full song -.-

  2. Watson Patty

    please post the full song this is only half of it!

  3. -3 sounds great with a capo on the first fret

  4. Strumming pattern???

  5. I like using -3 to make it easier

  6. pierce the em

    missing half of the song:
    I’m in trouble, I’m so cliche see that word just wears me out
    makes me feel like just another guy to laugh and joke about
    and even worse I can’t stop calling her, I love to hear that voice
    and honestly, I’m left with no choice. (repeat bridge and chorus, using 1, 12, 123 pattern for the “ohs”)

  7. BeautifulMusicLover

    Transpose -3 is the easiest its chords G, C, F

  8. Please post the full song!!!!! :))

  9. StaticEmotion

    @Erlowe21 most tabs aren’t. That’s because it’ll play the same on the next verse and chorus.

  10. this is not the full song

  11. mercyalltheway

    @Caitie and @ushuaia. They are correct, actually. Like j.austin said, the original song is in transposed to -5.

  12. The chords aren’t right. It’s supposed to be Bb, Eb, and F. Or another way I learned before I knew more chords was put in standard D tuning and use C,F, and G

  13. The original song is transposed to -5 just in case anybody is wondering

  14. This way more or less works, but Chris actually plays Bb, Eb, F and he starts on Bb

  15. Thanks so much! i play it -3 and it sounds awesome

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