Hello, what's wrong?
                                               Db  Bbm
Ahh, nothing, nah it's stupid. You wouldn't really-

Nah, you're good man. Go ahead.
                          Bbm   Ebm
It's just that blue eyed people get all the good compliments and...
Ebm Ab
I have brown eyes, I don't really get any-

Verse 1:
                  Ab Db
Your eyes are like dirt. Dirt?

Hold on, I mean that as a compliment
Db Bbm
Cause dirt's the source of food and life

in every single continent.
Bbm Ebm
They sparkle like Topaz.

The stars could never parallel
         Ebm Ab
They look so sweet

Like coffee filled with caramel.
            Ab  Db
That's pretty sweet

Verse 2:
And like the autumn leaves
                    Db   Bbm
that fall from all the trees

The colors in your eyes
                              Bbm  Ebm
aren't as loved as they ought to be

The warmth inside of them
                          Ebm  Ab
matches the heart inside of me
                          Ab           Db
It's like it's meant to be!