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Tablature v1:
Tablature v2 - easier -:
Version with chords:
      DD chord           AA chord
Happy Birthday to You
      AA chord           DD chord
Happy Birthday to You
      DD chord             GG chord
Happy Birthday dear *NAME*
      DD chord        AA chord--DD chord--
Happy Birthday to You    

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  • jessiewalka11 says:

    if you put it on +2 its pretty easy and simple but higher pitched:p

  • Silvespa says:

    That song ig rubbish !!! I could not play along to it it was atrocious !!!! That is why I wrote my own version : C~ Happy birthday to you Am~ happy birthday to F~ you happy birthday to G~ NAME happy birthday to you
    There I thing that is much better than the other one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • Silvespa says:

    P.S the song ends in C~

  • Esther lucy Lajangkip says:

    Its good just you guys are strumming it wrong

  • nancy says:

    I like the tab vs. . Easy to play and sound so good! Thanks

  • clara says:

    its so easy im playing it to my bro

  • Happy Camper says:

    this is great!! Thankyou!!!

  • epow says:

    Try transposing it down to -2. Sounds a little more pleasant (to me at least)and will be easier for beginners.

  • pidji says:

    I’ve never played guitar or ukulele. So this is my first lesson. And I thought this song would be easy

  • ed hollier says:

    Really nice tablatures but the one with chords isn’t right on a tenor ukulele

  • pianotech13 says:

    This whole song sounds better if you change the G to G7 and lead the last line with a quick Bflat on “Happy”. The progression would read as follows:

    D A
    A D
    D G7
    Bb D A D

    Just finished playing it like this for my husband. Today’s his birthday. It sounded great.

  • fk_ultra says:

    Upgraded the tab a bit, sonds a bit richer to me. and the second chord is now correct.


  • fk_ultra says:

    sorry the tab looks crooked. don’t really know why, will try to reupload without the dashes:

    xA| 0 3 2 | 0 5 3 | 10 7 3 2 0 | 8 8 7 3 5 3 |
    xE| 0 1 | 1 0 | 0 1 1 | 0 0 |
    xC| 0 2 | 2 0 | 0 0 | 0 0 |
    xG| 0 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 0 0 | 0 0 |

  • fk_ultra says:

    got worse (( sorry

  • FlowingWaters says:

    Love this version. Plays and sounds like the real thing.
    Perfect key for me, anyway. Thanks.

  • Arejennings says:

    That doesn’t even sound close? :S

    I did this…

    C- happy birthday to
    G7- you, happy birthday to
    C- You, happy birthday dear
    F- (name)
    G7- Happy Birthday to
    C- you

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