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Album Happy Birthday - Traditional Song
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      D           A
Happy Birthday to You
      A           D
Happy Birthday to You
      D             G
Happy Birthday dear *NAME*
      D        A--D--
Happy Birthday to You    
This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research. UkuWorld and its derivatives do not own any songs, lyrics or arrangements posted and/or printed.


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I have been reading trough the comments as I always do ( creep, I know)I am really good at grammar and i am younger than all of you. Anyway i HATE bullies, they make people insecure about who they are. What I am to say is ( are cheesy as it sounds, it’s true) be who you are and don’t let bullies bring you down, they find pleasure in it and it not ok. You might reply ‘ that’s easy for you to say, you probably haven’t been bullied’ I have though. I went to a private school and I got bullied, my bully was a boy named Cody. I was happy until he join my school , even tho he was new he bullied me. I switched schools after that. When you are bullied turn the other cheek and don’t let it sink in. Show them love and kindness they are probably hurting too ( or they joined the wrong people group). I hope you will take what I have said into consideration and I hope you all will have an amazing rest of you life.

Amanda Mckee

You seem like a pretty smart kid. Hang on to that humbleness it’ll help you more than you know as you go through life. We need more kind ppl in this world. I play the ukulele too!

Aiden Pearce

y’all just made me tear up and what u said was heartwarming

Who doesn't play ukulele here??? Its an app for


Keira Paulino


Keira Paulino



wow, this is really deep. sadly, i can relate

Logan McClure

You speak words of wisdom, but I don’t trust that private school

Keira Paulino


Lucifer .



How old are you just a question?? Anyways you are just bragging but I bet you didn’t win the national spelling bee in 4th grade like I did.
P.S. you are being the real bully telling us we are incorrect because you spelled “I” as “i”. Just telling you that you are probably like 12 or 13 and I’m only 10. So… I am MUCH better than you.


you are the one bragging about winning a spelling bee, there are just people out there that consider incorrect spelling as a pet peeve, and she was on her phone obviously nobody cares enough to capitalize the I unless their phone automatically does it. I could say that I was top of my LC (learning community) when picked for a national spelling bee, got into my district honor orchestra, and got a letter from the Miss Texas pageant show twice in two years to one up people, say I’m better than them, but I don’t. I actually normally hide it, but I’m saying it now bc this is virtually anonymous and you don’t know who I am. You are not better than anybody for any little reason bc you did something better than them while at a younger age. I am 12 and have faced bullying, this is not bullying, it is just spell checking as incorrect spelling just very much gets on people’s nerves as it does mine unless it is texting acronyms. You are the one bragging, you have a very large ego and I think you need to be put in your place. Hating on people for no reason is unacceptable, and calling yourself better than them to one up yourself definitely does not make you better, in fact it rather makes you worse.


btw my other comment was to randomdoodz

Keira Paulino

okokokokkokoookokokok :D


People shouldn’t brag. It’s just a waste of your life. You want to be known for the the positive things, not the traits that negatively effect you.


I hate it when people brag. (but i am not saying that i haven’t…) we all make mistakes and we shouldn’t just talk about how great we are at this or that. (also i am horrible at spelling and grammar so…) :)

Keira Paulino


Keira Paulino

i agree,people should bully and if they bully people could also be mean to them because they are bullying so,this is a nice comment thanks for telling us,but i dont think she will ever answer,but also,she might be bragging because shes been through some stuff so lets not get mad at her for now. :)

Keira Paulino

i meant to say shouldnt im just used to saying should im sorry if i made someone upset :<


Look mate you say your 10, well I’m older than you. If you don’t want to say anything nice to Ukegirl, then get the hell out of the comment section and leave her alone. Here’s a rule to apply online and in the real world:
If you don’t have anything nice to say, then shut up.

Keira Paulino

hey look,we dont have to go so harsh on her,you think she deserves it well,kinda,but we dont know what shes been through like what i said,lets not go so harsh on her,if thats fine for you :> P.S. im not saying that shes a good person :P


ummm. noo u didnt

unless you dont live in the US but idk the person who won in 2019, (if you’re 10 now, you were 9/in fourth grade last year, and the winner was an eigth grader.) Just don’t lie next time, and if you arent, i’m sorry.

Keira Paulino

wow. just. wow. bragging delete her comment rn

Keira Paulino

stop BRAGGING ur just RUDE u think ur the BEST…well..ur NOT

Keira Paulino

yuck ur RUDE


I know people have already responded to this message, but I just wanted to add something real quick. I have never been bullied, but I know that lots of other people have. UkeGirl might have bragged a little bit at the beginning, but it was nothing compared to what you said. First of all, age has nothing to do with how great you are. Second, she was not being the ‘real bully’, you were. Third, you had no reason to say the thing about the spelling bee, that was just strait up bragging, and you used that to call yourself better than her. You don’t know her, and I don’t know her, but based on what she wrote, she is a wonderful person and will go very far in life.


lol 10 year olds trying to be cool smh, just so you know kid, your making yourself look really unlikeable, i’m not sure if this is your personality in real life but either way you shouldn’t treat people like this, even if you think you’re being targeted, it doesn’t make it ok, i was bullied all in elementary school, middle school and (so far) high school, but people don’t know my circumstances, if they knew would they still bully me? the answer? yes. they probably would, because that’s just how people are, but from my experience, fighting fire with fire is never ok, and being rude, showing off, and being just plain unlikeable, isn’t cool man, it just makes you look like an ass (pardon the language) people don’t care who you are, or what your accomplishments are, all they care about is if they get a reaction, if you’re being bullied, im sorry, i’ve been through a lot and i understand how hard it can be, but don’t take out your frustration on others, just talk to someone you trust about it, and if you’re not bullied, then please dont go about life like this, its not healthy for you or others, you don’t know their situation, you don’t know anybody’s troubles and you’re not better that anyone, nor am i, we are all human, and we are all equal.

unless you’re a robot.


Not all 10 yr olds are tryin to be cool 😂
-10 yr old


Be nice yo


So true, what did u get bullied for?

Keira Paulino

ur cool 👁👄👁


I gotta appreciate what you said. I’ve been bullied all my life but I’ve tried those things and they never worked, it just started up in my new school. But what you said really brought back some light and hope into my life, thanks. 😊

Last edited 2 months ago by LuvUke❤️



I like this song because it is presentable to everyone because everyone has a birthday


i respect ur post. but did you know u can save 15% percent on car insurance??111?!??!/1?!!?!?

gerard way's eyeliner

I’m crying-

Flower of a million cats

LOL @4strings5life you just made my day!!

Flower of a million cats



Seriously? Not the time, dude. And yes! I did, but… hold on. Aren’t we talking about happy birthday, not car insurance? 😂 I love it!

Eli Corn

I dont 😢


i dont. well obviously i do, but i was abandoned as a child and somehow the doctors can’t figure out my exact birthday which sucks. we know I was born in April, but not the exact day.


That means that if you drink cocktails u can have free one any day of April as most bars do something like that


lmao truee

Aiden Pearce

I am soo sorry that u were abandoned we can share a bday if that makes u feel better :)

Charli D'amelio

i am so sorry for you.


OMG your Charli D’amilio


Wow, a whole month of birthdays


that means you get a whole birthday month to celebrate! since you don’t know the exact day, you know the month, so just celebrate everyday like its ur birthday!

Anti These Tab Comments

These might be the most toxic ukutabs comments i’ve ever seen. How could it get so bad? This is a website for freaking ukuleles!!!


yeah! and its on the birthday song, like, tf???


this is could be so much simpler way to do this, on any string, play this:


OR change line three and four to this:


What does that mean


I dumb

Have you ever seen the rain

The numbers are what fret you pick it on.


It just means the frets to play Happy Birthday.


ok there is a wayyyy easier way
the pattern is d-dudu
happy b-day to, you, happy, b-day to
C C F G C (one stroke)
you, Happy, b-day dear, (name), happy b-day to, you


im learning this so i can play it to myself because every forgot it was my birthday tomorrow:’)


Dude me too lol <3
Happy late birthday




Omg i know im late but my birthdays tomorrow too!!!


Depression lmaoo I learned it cuz both my brothers birthdays were in the past week and my best friend’s is today

hana 🌵

ahhh, thank u sm, i had to scroll sm to find this 💗💗


happy birthday to me


Rlly guys. This is NOT a website of grammar this is a website of learning so if your gonna bully go find a different website Maria.


period queen you tell em


I like +3 the best with C swapped out for C7

Joe mama

Thanks, my grandfather really wanted me to play this on his birthdays though I didn’t find the melody to work, is it just my ukelele or?


try +3 sorry i’m really late☺️

Taylor Fan #13

Thank you

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