Intro: Gbm

Verse 1:
Em           D      A
  Don't be upset or mad at all
Em            D        A
 Don't feel regret, or sad at all
         Em                  D      A
Hey, I'm still a part of the Family Madrigal
        Em         D       A
And I'm fine, I am totally fine
       Em           D          Db
I will stand on the side as you shine
I'm not fine, I'm not fine

Chorus 1:
D                E
I can't move the mountains
D                E
I can't make the flowers bloom
D             E
I can't take another night
Up in my room
E            A        Dm
Waiting on a miracle
D                   E
I can't heal what's broken
D                 E
Can't control the morning rain or a hurricane
D                     E
Can't keep down the unspoken
Invisible pain
       E            A          Dm
Always waiting on a miracle, a miracle

Gbm              B
Always walking alone
Gbm                 B
Always wanting for more
A                      E
Like I'm still at that door
           A          Db
Longing to shine like all of you shine
Gbm              B
All I need is a change
Gbm              B
All I need is a chance
A               E
All I know is I can't
Stay on the side
Open your еyes
Open your eyеs
Open your eyes

Chorus 2:
E                Gb
I would move the mountains
E                  Gb
Make new trees and flowers grow
E                   Gb
Someone please just let me know
Where do I go
     Gb            B
I am waiting on a miracle
A miracle
E                   Gb
I would heal what's broken
E                Gb
Show this family something new
E          Gb
Who I am inside
So what can I do?
            Gb            B
I'm sick on waiting on a miracle
So here I go

I am ready!
Come on, I'm ready!
E                     Gb
I’ve been patient and steadfast and steady!
E                   Gb                           Abm
Bless me now as you blessed us all those years ago
         Gb         B       Em
When you gave us a miracle
Abm      Gb          B
Am I too late for a miracle?