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     G                              Am7                G          
Let's gather round the campfire and sing our campfire song
     - G -           Am7      G   
Our c-a-m-p-f-i-r-e s-o-n-g song
     - G -                                     Am7                G  
And if you don't think that we could sing it faster than you're wrong
            A7                      D
But it will help if you just sing a long!

Bum, Bum, Bum.....

    G                 Am7    G
Our c-a-m-p-f-i-r-e s-o-n-g song
    G                 Am7    G
Our c-a-m-p-f-i-r-e s-o-n-g song

     - G -                                     Am7                G  
And if you don't think that we could sing it faster than you're wrong
            A7                      D
But it will help if you just sing a long!

    G                 Am7    G
Our c-a-m-p-f-i-r-e s-o-n-g song

- G -

Patrick!  "Song! c-a-m-p-f-i-r-e"

Squidward! "..." "Good!"

It'll help...
It'll help...

                    G   A7
If you just sing a long!
Oh yeah!!!    
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  1. tReVoR iS BiG nOt sMaRt

  2. I Ripped My pants in ammerica lollllllllll

    Hey guys I figured out on my own how to play the ripped pants song
    (C)when big larry came around to (F) pull him down (Am) Spongebob turned (G) into a clown and (A) no girl ever (Dm) wants to dance with (D) a fool who went and (G) ripped his pants (C) I know I shouldn’t mope around (F) I shouldn’t curse but the (Am) pain feels so much (G) worse and (A) ending up with no one is (Dm) a lot less fun then (D) burn from the sun or (G) sand in your buns (C) now I’ve learned a lesson i wont (F) soon forget (Am) listen and you (G) won’t regret be (A) true to yourself don’t (Dm) miss your chance and you (D) won’t end up like the (G) fool who ripped his (c)

  3. Xx_FreshPan_xX

    This is perfect because I’m camping and we need something to do when we’re roasting marshmallows

  4. i prefer +2

  5. Nice user name |-/

  6. i just like ukulele

    Played this for some kids at a summer camp, they loved it! Much love♥

  7. Twenty one trash

    I can literally find the clique anywhere |-/

  8. TØP, Cartoons, and Asher Angel

    You can literally just play G and C back and forth

  9. OwenMarvin

    Does anyone else feel the need to smash their uke after the song?

  10. And at the chorus it’s

    Down-up down-up down-up down-up


  11. The strumming pattern is

    Down down-up down-up down-up

  12. Partynexus

    I’m in florida right now for hurricane Matthew

    I’m going to sit in the dining room and sing this to my family as the roof is torn off of our house because we refuse to evacuate

  13. use your glutes |-/


  14. bakaCookiefan

    wayyyyyyyyyy more easier than i thought

  15. USplatBall15

    Transpose to -3 its easier

  16. TwentyOneOwls


  17. By the way i love spongebob! he is cool. i have got my own ukulele and am hoping to learn to play this song really well. i get a bit stuck on some parts, but i will learn it real hard!

  18. cool song. Just a little shout out to joey from eastenders, your are fit! i really want to date u. u and lauren are such a cute couple!

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