Intro: C C C

C                    Am
Some say I have no direction,
that I'm a light-speed distraction,
but that's a knee-jerk reaction
C                       Am
Still this is the final frontier,
                    G                  F
everything is so clear, to my destiny I steer

Am                 G                   F
This life in the stars is all I've ever known,
             Am                G               F
Stars and stardust in infinite space is my only home.

C                             G
But the moment that I hit the stage,
thousands of voices are calling my name
Am                                G                   F
And I know in my heart it's been worth it all of the while
C                                 G
And as my albums fly off of the shelves,
handing out autographed pics of myself,
             Am              G                          F
This life I chose isn't easy but sure is one heck of a ride.
        D                     A
At the moment that I hit the stage,
I hear the uniVerse calling my name
       Bm                        A                  G
And I know deep down in my heart I have nothing to fear
            D                          A
And as the solar wind blows through my hair,
knowing I have so much more left to share
            Bm                       A                        G
a wandering spirit who's tearing its way through the cold atmosphere

I'll fly high like a comet.

Soar like a comet.

Crash like a comet.
          D -long strum-
I'm just a comet.