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Intro: A  E

            A                           E
Oh its so funny to be seeing you after so long girl
 A                                      Abm            Dbm
And by the way you look i understand that you were not impressed
 A                                Abm      Dbm 
But i heard you let that little friend of mine
 D                   B7      B7
Take off your party dress
 A                 Abm    Dbm              
I'm not gonna get too sentimental 
            A                Abm  Dbm
Like those other sticky valentines
  A                              Abm       Dbm
Cause i don't know if you were loving somebody 
 D                        B7      B7
I only know it isn't mine

A     E  A           B        Abm    Dbm
Alison i know this world is killing you 
A        E   A    B      E
Oh Alison     my aim is true

        A                 E   
Well i see you've got a husband now
        A                              Abm             Dbm
Did he leave your pretty fingers lying in the wedding cake
     A                     Abm      Dbm 
You used to hold him right in your hand
        D                      B7      B7
But he took all that he could take
  A                            Abm            Dbm       
Sometimes i wish that i could stop you from talking
        A                 Abm            Dbm  
When i hear those silly things that you say         
    A                   Abm              Dbm 
I think somebody better put out the big light 
             D                           B7       B7
- Be -cause i can't stand to see you this way

A     E   A          B      Abm     Dbm
Alison i know this world is killing you
   A     E A    B       E
Oh Alison   my aim is true
A          E          A        E
my aim is true,    My aim is true   - To fade -    
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