Intro -x2-: Dbm E A E Abm
Dbm                     E
Thought cycle gusty a mind filled with hot air. 
       A                             E          Abm
Must I care for nothing more than myself? Do I dare 
          Dbm                                       E
admit the fraught thoughts cavorting? Resorting in inner-directed mourning
        A                                E              Abm
for the part of me that was selfless but left without a warning. 
     Dbm                                      E
Well that’s what I said, but maybe it’s the fact that I detest 
     A                                   E              Abm
this obsession with myself that leaves a mess inside my head. 
            Dbm                         E
Oh xxxx I’m doing it again, repelling any potential friend, 
          A                    E                 Abm
revealing my innate ability to never fully comprehend 
Dbm                                      E
anything bigger than myself, but in the end I still pretend.
       A                                            E          Abm
Condescending anyone polite enough to choose to misspend their time 
Dbm                           E
watching me as I achieve my secret social mission. 
    A                           E               Abm
To drain people with my boring stories and opinions. 
   Dbm                            E
To see the bigger picture takes intelligence and wisdom,
      A                                   E            Abm
but I won’t see nothing more with just myself in my vision. 
   Dbm E A E
   Dbm E A E Abm -x2-

         Dbm                        E                         A
I go outside a blitz of faces unwilling to confess to any empathy, 
                    E            Abm
endlessly incessantly declining any pleasantries. 
Dbm                          E                              A
Heavily breathing, socially teething. I’m open like a vivisection.
                       E            Abm
Intense tendency to dwell, seething over missed connections. 
Dbm                E
Infected by my perceptions that I’m a non-entity, 
A                           E            Abm
project my insecurity until intensity is weaponry. 
Dbm                                E
Grieving a heavenly fiction I perceived whilst I was dreaming. 
  A                          E                      Abm
Awake! Freezing, wheezing, fundamentally I’m still believing that, 
Dbm                              E
this is an elegy for concepts I conceived in deep sleep, 
     A                                    E               Abm
as I helplessly watch them fade whilst I awake, I try and keep them alive. 
Dbm                E
Incomparable with life but eventually they die 
        A                           E               Abm
and the brain I used to cultivate reveals my lovers were a lie. |
   Dbm E A E
   Dbm E A E Abm -x2-

Dbm                            E
When inside my mind I find a way to replicate reality. 
A                                  E                 Abm
Through lucid dreaming I decimate the limitations of actuality. 
Dbm                     E                  A
Capacity practically eternal, mortality external, 
                         E                          Abm
no god but I investigate the blasphemous worship of the nocturnal.   
Dbm                               E                                   A
Internally existing without morality creates profanities without the travesty 
                              E           Abm              Dbm
and compared to the apathy of realness I reveal my own insanity. 
                E                        A
The majesty of fantasy protects me from tragedy. 
                       E                  Abm
Normality's effects reject the agony of rationality. 
       Dbm                            E
Which thankfully penetrates with no avail to my unreality, 
        A                          E              Abm
an elaborately designed privately owned spiral galaxy. 
Dbm                        E
Financially I’m failing, naturally decaying. 
A                                 E                    Abm
Soon I’ll have no safe place to sleep if these bills still need paying, 
Dbm                             E
displaying cravings with open eyes for something mind expanding 
    A                             E               Abm
for when I drift away I see the totality of understanding.
Outro: Dbm E A E