Intro -x2-: F D7 Gm7 C6

Verse 1:
F               D7   Gm7          C6
I’m starting to feel some sort of way
F           D7         Gm7   C6
You give me goosebumps every-day
        F            D7
But when you look at me and smile
Bb          Am
 I wanna say
I think you’re okay.


Verse 2:
F           D7   Gm7      C6
Your stupid face makes me insane
F           D7              Gm7              C6
My heart it feels like it’s trapped in cellophane
F                D7       Bb       Am
And every time I try to unwrap the pain
F Am       Dm         F7
I feel so ashamed

Bb                Bbm        F
Oh, but you don’t know how I feel
          Bb           Bbm       F          F7
It’s like everyday I’m running uphill
   Bb               Bbm
Oh why can’t I just spit it out and
F        Am    D7
tell you right then.
     Bb               Bbm
That you’re the one I want
Out loud

Interlude -x2-: F D7 Gm7 C6

Verse 3:
F            D7            Gm7         C6
I guess I’ll stop here and not hint at all.
F               D7       Gm7    C6
That you’re the one I’ve fallen for.
    F           D7          Bb          Am
But if you ever think of me as anything more,
F       Am      C7   F
I’ll be here at your call.