Intro: F
Verse 1:
We had a great day
               C             G  
Even though we forgot to eat
And you had a bad dream
Then we got no sleep
       G       F
'Cause we were kissing
Verse 2:
I had a fever
      C         G  
Until I met you
Now you make me cool
But sometimes I still do
G         F
Something embarrassing
        C             G       F
I never said I'd be all right
                    C     G             F
Just thought I can hold myself together
               C                 G     F
But I couldn't breathe, I went outside
                 C         G                F
Don't know why I thought it'd be any better
         C      G                 F
I'm fine now, it doesn't matter

         C       G            F
I didn't wanna be this guy
                C           G            F
I cried at your show with the teenagers
          C        G               F
Tell your friend I'll be all right
       C            G            F
In the morning it won't matter

           C       G    F
I wanna be emaciated
                 C              G              F
I wanna hear one song without thinking of you
            C       G         F
I wish I was on a spaceship
               C            G              F
Just me and my dog and an impossible view
C         C       F
I dream about it
      C         C      F
And I wake up falling