Verse 1:
                 Eb Fm    Ab               Fm    Bb  Eb Fm
You're killing me     so finish me off or spare me
     Ab             Eb     Fm  Ab Fm Bb
Nicole, where are you now?
Interlude: Eb Fm  Ab
           Eb   Fm
Are you at home?
     Ab               Fm Bb    Eb  Fm  Ab
Priscilla ordering Chinese for you
   Eb                    Fm               Ab
Is Wayne drinking one of those bottles of wine?
Eb       Fm              Ab             Fm   Bb
Everyone brought one and now he has the time to
Interlude: Cm Bb Ab
Ab          Eb Fm Ab
Relax and unwind

       Eb                                    Ab          Eb      Ab
I miss xxxxing you on your living room floor every Sunday night
      Eb                                        Ab                Eb                 Ab
And I miss the smell of your log cabin and your cute little hands grabbing for mine
  Cm                  Bb               Ab
I wonder what they're clasped around now
       Cm          Bb             Ab
I know someday'€™s a lie but is somehow?
How can I survive without you now?
Interlude -x2-: Eb Fm  Ab Fm Bb
Are you at school?
                        Ab          Eb    Ab
In the city that falls asleep before you
In a bed that sinks in the middle
                       Ab      Eb  Fm
And you might be little but I'm big
We both don't fit
Interlude: Cm Bb
And you used to put up with it
Interlude: Eb Fm  Ab
       Eb                                    Ab              Eb               Ab
I miss waking up covered in lint and to your lips pout and hint that you want mine
    Cm           Bb              Ab
But I don't miss not hearing my name
           Cm               Bb           Ab
And always wanting more and getting the same
The same old, same old has got me down
You'€™ve got me now
Interlude -x2-: Eb Fm  Ab Fm Bb
Baby I tried and tried
I lived and died
        Eb      Bb
And I sacrificed
    Cm      Gm      Ab
But I don't want to be anything
   Cm       Gm             Ab        Bb      Eb   Fm  Ab Fm Bb
If anything means that I'm something without you
Interlude -x2-: Eb Fm  Ab
Cm      Bb     Ab  Cm Bb            Ab
How can I describe my meaningless life?
    Cm       Bb          Ab  Cm         Bb         Ab
Without your beautiful light guiding me home every night?