Verse 1:
Eb                        G+
Dancing in my underpants, I'm gonna run for government
Cm                               Eb7
I'm gonna form a covers band an' all
Ab                            Abm
Back there by the baby grand, did Mr. Winter Wonderland
Gm                   G               Cm
Say "Come 'ere, kid, we really need to talk"?
Ab                                 Abm              Gm   Gm
Bear with me, man, I lost my train of thought

Verse 2:
Eb                            G+
I fantasise, I call it quits, I swim with the economists
Cm                            Eb7
And I get to the bottom of it for good
Ab                          Abm
By the time reality hits, the chimes of freedom fell to bits
Gm               G              Cm
The shining city on the fritz
Ab                                    Abm           Gm   Gm
They come out of the cracks, thirsty for blood

  Cm                Gm          Fm
Oh, just as the apocalypse finally gets prioritised
And you cry some of the
hottest tears you ever cried
Gm                    Fm
Multiplied by five
I suppose a singer must die

Solo: Eb G Cm Eb7 Ab Abm Gm Cm

Verse 3:
"Singsong 'round the money tree"
G+                         Cm                     Eb7
This stunning doxxxentary that no one else unfortunately saw
Ab                            Abm
Such beautiful photography, it's worth it for the opening scene
Gm                       G                Cm
I've been driving 'round listening to the score
Ab                            Abm
Or maybe, I just imagined it all
Gm                                Cm
I've played to quiet rooms like this before
Ab                                   Abm
Bear with me, man, I lost my train of thought

Outro -x2-: Gm G Cm Ab Abm