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Intro: A  D  A

You came with the season, as the first swallow sang
a brown headed stranger, with a five-letter name
    D Bm A

We planted our kisses where the wild berries grow 
my feet sprouted wings and I flew all the way home 
   D Bm A

     Gbm            D            A
My cheeks red like fire engines racing 
   Gbm           D             A
straight to the heat of your skin
        Gbm              D
and I know our days are numbered, 
       A           D
early bird of the summer
            A                 E      A 
you'll fly south just as the fall begins

The leaves changed their colors and the schoolyards were filled
My coat with the patches barely keeps out the chill 
   D Bm A

You sent me a postcard from a town out of state, 
I wish it were warmer and I hope you're the same
   D Bm A

     Gbm             D             A
The fields where we wandered were golden
    Gbm   D        A
Now only muddy my boots
        Gbm            D 
and I know I should recover,
          A           D 
you're a bird of the summer,
        A               E       A 
I was wrong to try and capture you

Interlude: A  D  A

Gbm, E, Bm, D, A, D
Gbm, E, Bm, D, A, D

    D, E, A - 2x -

 Gbm         D            A
Gone is the pale hand of winter
 Gbm         D              A
Here is the first flush of may
     Gbm            D
And soon I will discover
         A            D 
whether birds of the summer
        A                E   A 
fly in circles or just fly away    
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  1. Thanks so much for posting! Perfect!

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