Yugo Kanno

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Yugo Kanno Biography

Yugo Kanno (菅野祐悟; born 1977) is a Japanese composer.

2010 Shinzanmono (新参者)
2010 SP the Motion Picture
2010 The Day I Decided not to Cry [TV] (泣かないと決めた日)
2009 The Waste Land [TV] (不毛地帯)
2009 Go Find a Psychic! (曲がれ!スプーン)
2009 Genkai in a Black Company (ブラック会社に勤めてるんだが、もう俺は限界かもしれない)
2009 Kaiji (カイジ 人生逆転ゲーム)
2009 Samurai High School [TV]

Genres: , , , .
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