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A chordA7 chordB7 chordBm chordC chordE chordE7 chordGbm chordF chordFm chordG# chordG chordG7 chord

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CC chord     B7B7 chord              AbAb chord   GG chord
Stars shining bright above you
CC chord     B7B7 chord              AA chord          A7A7 chord          
Night breezes seem to whisper I love you
FF chord                    FmFm chord 
Birds singing in the Sycamore tree
CC chord              AbAb chord    GG chord  G7G7 chord
Dream a little dream of me
CC chord   B7B7 chord                AbAb chord   GG chord
Say nightie-night and kiss me
CC chord    B7B7 chord                AA chord              A7A7 chord          
Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me
FF chord                   FmFm chord 
While I'm alone and blue as can be
CC chord              AbAb chord    GG chord  CC chord     E7E7 chord
Dream a little dream of me
AA chord     GbmGbm chord        BmBm chord       EE chord        AA chord     GbmGbm chord          BmBm chord   EE chord 
Stars fading but I linger on dear, still craving your kiss
AA chord   GbmGbm chord        BmBm chord          EE chord          AA chord    GbmGbm chord    AbAb chord    GG chord             
I'm longing to linger till dawn dear, just saying this
CC chord     B7B7 chord                   AbAb chord   GG chord
Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
CC chord     B7B7 chord                    AA chord           A7A7 chord          
Sweet dreams that leave all worries far behind you
FF chord                  FmFm chord 
But in your dreams whatever they be
CC chord              AbAb chord    GG chord   AbAb chord    GG chord   AbAb chord    GG chord  CC chord     
Dream a little dream of, dream of, dream of me

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  • kermamigo says:

    One of my favorite tabs and songs on the whole site – very well done.

  • nadie says:

    I love this! so bad I’m a newbie to uku so I struggle with some of the chords yet :P thank you for this amazing site!! <3

  • rodrah says:

    Great, but this was not a mamas and the papas song,it was a Cass Elliot solo after the group broke up.

    • taliehere says:

      Actually it was recorded twice! The first time on the last Mamas and Papas album, then as it showed that Cass could be a solo artist, resulted in the break of the band.She then went on to record another version without the back up of John, Denny and Michelle. Basically Cass Elliot is BA and everyone should love her.

    • ToniMcG says:

      Prior to Mama Cass this was recorded in the 1950’s by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong on an album called ‘for Lovers’

  • blinky_bee says:

    I cannot play the Ab :( but I love this song. is there any alternative chord?

    • lulutheofficial says:

      It’s easy, I make a normal G chord then place my pinky on the G string fourth fret. Also I have small hands and a huge uke so its extra hard for me to play this chord.

    • justtust says:

      You can Also replace it with an F, so it would be C B7 F G

    • @dykevantom says:

      Bar the 3rd fret, stick your index finger on the 4th fret, 2nd string [2nd highest-pitched]. It makes it an Ab6, which sounds even better!

    • Cacafuego says:

      I ignore the 4th string and just play the G chord 1 fret too high, then slide down to G. It works fine.

  • stefanie says:

    I play the Ab barring the 3rd fret, then using my middle and ring fingers on the C dtring fret 4, and g string fret 5 (so its like an F chord! sorry if i got the string names messed up)
    hope that helps :)

  • Macy says:

    What is the stroke pattern?

  • elizabeth says:

    Instead of the aflat, you can play a d minor!

  • elizabeth says:

    sorry- meant to say you can play a c minor instead of the a flat

  • sessie99 says:

    I just play an A minor chord in place of the a flat. I prefer how it sounds in the song.

  • msmariajoselora says:

    Thanks Stefanie! It was really helpful your suggestion! now the one I struggle with is the E chord.

    By the way I love this song and the transcriptions, thanks a lot for upload it :)

  • LivAzzo says:

    the zoeey deshannel performannce style of this is so good !!! :O))))

  • Roger says:

    Wow! Thank You ever so much. Been fighting this for awhile and this really helped. You have my gratitude.

  • Miz_amazing0213 says:

    Can someone explain how the end goes with the dream little dream of,dream of, dream of me?

  • mg_uke says:

    msmariajoselora look up the alternative ways to play it. I struggle with the way they have it on here but there is one way that is very efficient. I use my thumb to bar the first 3 strings on the fourth fret and put my index finger on the last string second fret. HOW TO DO AN E CHORD \/
    |thmb|thmb |thmb|____|

  • spartygirl says:

    mg_uke, you’re comment is a game changer. Now I can play songs with E in it!

  • Sydney.Music says:

    If you go through the verse progression after you play the last Ab and end on C it sounds awesome

  • Sas says:

    I replaced the Ab with a D7. To my ear it sounds fluid with the rest of the progression and easier to change after B7 as well.

  • ShelHG12 says:

    I use the G shape moved up a fret and mute the the g string. Super easy, then, to slide to the G that immediately follows.

  • embrown55 says:

    Any alternative to Bm bc its really difficult lol

  • Glenn Naylor says:

    I think the song was first recorded by Ella Fitzgerald.

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