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I dont practice Santeria

I aint got no crystal ball.

Dm                            C
I had a million dollars but I’d,

Id spend it all.

F                                   A
If I could find that heina and that sancho that shes found,

        Dm                          C           Bb
Well Id pop a cap in sancho and Id slap her down.

        C             F
What I really wanna know,

Dm       Bb     C            F         Dm   Bb   
My baby, what I really want to say I cant define.

Well its love,

F        Dm   Bb 
That I need, oh ,

But my soul will have to,

F                              A
Wait till I get back and find heina of my own.

Dm                        C
Daddys gonna love one and all.

I feel the break,

Feel the break,

    A                              Dm
Feel the break and I got to live it up,

             C                       Bb
Oh, yeah, uh huh, well I swear that i.

       C            F      Dm   Bb 
What I really wanna know, baby,

       C              F     Dm       Bb 
What I really want to say I cant define.

     C           F    Dm   Bb   
That love make it go,

My soul will have to...

- 8 Measure Interlude - F-A-Dm-C

Bb       C             F 
  What I really wanna say,

Dm      Bb  
My baby,
       C            F      Dm       Bb  
What I really wanna say is Ive got mine.

        C            F        Dm   Bb
And Ill make it, yes, Im comin up.
        C             F                                 A 
Tell sanchito that if he knows what is good for him he best go run and hide.

Dm                 C
Daddys got a new .45.

    F                                        A
And I wont think twice to stick that barrel straight down sanchos throat.

Dm                            C                          Bb 
Believe me when I say that I got somethin for his punk ass.

       C            F        Dm  Bb  
What I really wanna know, my baby,

       C            F         Dm          Bb
What I really wanna say is theres just one,

Way back,

       F    Dm      Bb
And Ill make it, yea,

      C                  F-C-Dm-Am
But my soul will have to wait.

Bb   C     F7
Yea, yea, yea    
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  1. does anyone have the strumming pattern?

  2. It’s trickier, but I like +5.


    Use E7 instead of the E chord

  4. uku_monster

    tell sanchito part is kind of hard

  5. -5 is easiest except the E chord lol

  6. Hey, I don’t exactly agree with the chords… try E, G# C# B

  7. I would suggest whistling or humming the guitar solo. It seems to work really well!

  8. JackCampbell86

    it would be cool if you could work out the tabs for the solo.

  9. shaggy944

    I like the cords i think that they work there any chance you could work out the picking for the intro?

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