Intro -x2-: C E Fmaj7 Fm

Well hello there,
did you have a nice day?
I can tell by the look on your face,
you've got some things on your plate
I am your robot, -Beep-bop, beep-
May I please take your bags? -Bobbidy-beep-
Feel free to deposit your worries
into the metaphorical trash
     C                                  E
That passive aggression, will do you no good
          Am                             F
Try the direct approach, then a solution we might broach
             C                               E
Once we move past it, we gotta think about tomorrow,
          Am                               F                Fm
I'll take care of the chores, the critical thinking is yo---ours

             C                 E
You must remember, you're only human,
           Fmaj7              Fm
and you've come so far, don't give up now
               C                           E
You gotta keep going, keep your wits about you,
       Fmaj7              Fm
face adversity, remain complex and incomplete

Hold it right there -stop-
Give me that can of beans -hand it over-
       Am                          F
I will open it for you, you've got better things to do
Do not worry -let it go-
about little ol' me, -ain’t no thing-
      Am                         F
I was built for this, my purpose is your ease
                 C                      E
If you're having difficulties, going to sleep,
       Am                        F
let me sing you a song, help you drift along

Bridge 1:
  C                         E
Close your eyes, relax your limbs,
          Am   G                 F       Fm
open your mind, let the dreams begi--i-i-i----n

   E   .   .   .   F   .   .   .   -x4-
   Am  .   G   .   F   .   Fm  .

        C                             E
Just remember, to stand before you can fly
       Fmaj7                     Fm
You're human only once, so give it a good try
             C            E
Follow your nose, or just follow your heart,
       Fmaj7                          Fm
Oh the choice is up to you, nobody else but you

Bridge 2:
                E                 Am
While you were asleep I was contemplating
      F                          C
Maybe I'm only human with rusted metal plating
               E                       Am
and you're the robot, under constant repair
    F                              Fm
But that's just silly, why would a robot have hair

I can make life simple, -with ones and zeroes-
you can make mine obsolete -but please don’t-
     Am                          F
Your memories they stick, mine I can’t delete
                  C                    E
We can both fake a smile, we can be confused at times
       Am                           F            Fm
We can both write poetry, and match simple rhy---ymes

            C                  E
You must remember, you're only human
             Fmaj7               Fm
You've got a ways to go, so put on a good show
        C                E
Keep it murky, or make it crystal clear,
        Fmaj7                         Fm                C
Oh, the choice is up to you, no one but beautiful you---u

Outro: E Fmaj7 Fm C