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Intro: F

F           C                      F 
In constant sorrow all through his days 

F                      Bb
I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow 
          C              F
I've seen trouble all my day. 
I bid farewell to old Kentucky 
                C              F
The place where I was born and raised. 
                C               F
The place where he was born and raised 

F                               Bb
For six long years I've been in trouble 
             C               F
No pleasures here on earth I found 
For in this world I'm bound to ramble 
          C                  F
I have no friends to help me now. 
          C                   F
He has no friends to help him now 

F                          Bb
It's fare thee well my old lover 
          C                F
I never expect to see you again 
For I'm bound to ride that northern railroad 
             C             F
Perhaps I'll die upon this train. 
              C             F
Perhaps he'll die upon this train. 

F                            Bb
You can bury me in some deep valley 
         C                 F
For many years where I may lay 
Then you may learn to love another 
           C              F
While I am sleeping in my grave. 
            C               F
While he is sleeping in his grave. 

F                                   Bb
Maybe your friends think I'm just a stranger 
               C            F
My face you'll never see no more. 
But there is one promise that is given 
              C               F
I'll meet you on God's golden shore. 
               C               F
He'll meet you on God's golden shore..
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  1. Georgia678

    Definitely most of the chords should be changed to minor chords. I have a beginning ukulele book that has this song, also with major chords listed. I know it’s an old traditional bluegrass song, so I’m wondering if the original version was indeed major, but somewhere along the way it changed to the minor version we all know from “O Brother.”

  2. Your Friend

    I like it! I’m using this as a farewell song. I’m moving down to Texas from wv-close to Texas

  3. CrashLanders11

    -1 if you want it to be in the right key to play along to film version.

  4. It sounds like it should be more in a minor key – it supposed to be more somber (constant sorrow). These chords are too “happy”

  5. hoosiercheetah

    So, where do the A and Am come in?

    • CrashLanders11

      I think there must be a program on the site that reads the chords and puts the pictures up, if you notice the first ‘am a’ in the song are red so they are being read as chords not words. Dunno if that is how the site works mind you.

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