Intro: G  Em  C  D  Em

G            Em                     C          D 
  One song glory. One song before I go. Glory    
one song to leave behind.
      C             D              Em   
Find     one song,    one last Refrain. 
                           C       D
Glory from the pretty boy front man
    Em             G                        
who wasted opportunity. One song, 
he had the world at his feet.
Em                     C        D    Em
Glory in the eyes of a young girl, a young girl.
  G                                 Em      
Find glory beyond the cheap colored lights, 

one song before the sun sets
C       D        Em          C   
Glory     on another empty life. 
      D     Em       G
Time Flies, time dies.
   Am      C       G              Am 
Glory--------------- one blaze of    
  C G               Am C G
glory. One blaze of glory.
D       Em Cmaj7

    G                           Em
Find glory in a song that rings true,
Em                      C     D           Em
truth like a blazing fire. An eternal flame.
G                           Em    
Find one song, a song about love. 
                         C       D
Glory from the soul of a young man, 
a young man.
   C              D 
Find the one song   
before the virus takes hold, glory like a sunset.
C           D        Em7              Am
   One song   to redeem this empty life.
Am   C   G                                Am
Time flies, and then no need to endure anymore.
  C  G A  
Time dies.