Intro -x2-: Bm G A D

Verse 1:
        Bm               G        A              D
Do you remember when we were two beautiful birds we would
 Bm            G         A
light up the sky as we fly,
         Bm           G          A             D
You were orange in red like the sun when it sets,
       Em                   A
I was green as an apple's eye

 Bm             G             A           D
You said you loved all the songs that I sing
     Bm              G     A
like nothing you’d ever heard
         Bm    G           A         D
And said I loved you with all of my heart, When,
G            A          D
We were two beautiful birds

Interlude: Bm G A D

Verse 2:
  Bm              G        A          D
remember when we were two beautiful birds?
          Bm            G            A
we would sing when the morning will come,
         Bm            G          A               D
You are silver and blue like the moon when it’s new
       Em                A
I was gold as a summer sun,

Bm                G           A          D
But one day you asked for a different song,
 Bm              G           A
One that I just couldn’t sing,
           Bm           G       A             D
I got the melody sharp and the words all wrong,
Em                                A
  Those were the last days of spring,

Em                           Bm                A
  To build a nest we pecked feathers from our chests,
        D                       A
Like a book tearing out every page,
Em                             Bm           A
We weren't to know that these feathers will grow
D                    A
Into a beautiful cage

Outro -x5-: Bm G A D