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Intro: C

C       Am      Dm   G
Wonder  if   I       gave  an  Oreo
C        Am        Dm          G
To  the  Big  Bad  Wolf,  how  would  the  story  go?
F          G          Em         F
Would  he  still  go  huff  and  puff?
    F          G             Em          F
Or  would  he  bring  those  pigs  cool  stuff?
    F    G         E7        Am            D7
To  decorate  the  deck  he  helped  them  build.
F            G7        C
Would  they  not  get  killed?

Interlude: C

C       Am      Dm   G
Wonder  if   I       gave  an  Oreo
C      Am       Dm   G
To  a  vampire       in  a  creepy  show,
F          G         Em   F
Would  he  not  act  so undead?
F          G            Em      F
would  he  thirst  for  milk  instead?
F           G          E7       Am        D7
I've  just  got  this  feeling  that  it  might  work
F    G7   F
out  all  right.

F                    C
Cause  cream  does  wondrous  things
  F                   C         G
Inside  a  chocolate  sandwich  dream.
If  I  gave  'em  to  great  white  sharks,
Would  they  share  'em  with  baby  seals?
             F                   C                        G
Would  they  call  up  a  giant  squid  for  a  friendly  meal?

C       Am      Dm       G
Wonder  if   I       gave  an  Oreo...
C       Am      Dm       G
Wonder  if   I       gave  an  Oreo...
C          Am      Dm        G7        C
What  if   I  gave      an  Oreo  to  you?
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  1. WishingforHappiness

    Wtf?! I didn’t know that Owl City wrote this song!! I’ve known it for so long and I just thought it was some random person, whaaaaaaat?! That’s insane!

  2. The last verse that this doesn’t have goes pretty much as follows with the same chords as the other two verses.
    Wonder if I gave an Oreo
    To somebody out there who I didn’t know
    Would they laugh after I’d gone?
    And would they pass that wonder on?
    Wonder how it’d change your point of view
    If I gave one to you

    And then the riff:
    I dunno if I did that right, but I hope this helps!

  3. aesthetinkie

    thie song is so cute oml

  4. AndieandHerUke

    But -5 is easiest

  5. AndieandHerUke

    -4 is easier

  6. Amazing

  7. Awesome

  8. SplatBall15

    Wow! Cool song, never heard of it but it was so cool!

  9. WOW! BLOWN AWAY!!! This website literally has everything! This song has been stuck in my head for weeks so I am so happy I can now play it for hours on end! THANK YOU UKUTABS! :D

  10. lizzymumm

    SO GLAD THIS SONG IS ON HERE! This website is heaven!!! ^-^

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