Dm         G7
Dm                   G7               Cmaj7    Am
-What are you doing, dear? Aren’t you tired?-
Dm                 G7            Cmaj7                 Am
What are you doing here? I don’t think that you were invited.
Dm           G7       Cmaj7            Am
Here you go again, pretending like you love me.
     Dm               G7                 Cmaj7               Am
When just beneath the surface, you’re convinced that you’re above me.
Dm           G7                Cmaj7                    Am
-Dig deep, into the past, I’ve never been one for doing things half-assed
       Dm                     G7
If I’m here to save you, I’ll be here forever.
     Cmaj7                      Am
Just take my hand, I'll be your knight in shining armor!-
Verse 1:
                   Dm      G7
You think you’re a hero!
                     Cmaj7     Am
And they’ll tell you you are
             Dm         G7
So stoic and handsome!
                Cmaj7     Am
And you’ve come so far!
Verse 2:
                    Dm      G7
-You think you’re a villain
                  Cmaj7   Am
But I know you’re not!
      Dm                 G7
Under all that angst and anger
     Cmaj7         Am
Is a beating human heart-

Is a dying broken  heart
Verse 3:
                    Dm            G7
Hey, what about the lonely little girls/-I’m sorry!-
               Cmaj7           Am
What about her monsters who prevailed?/-I’m sorry!-
          Dm              G7
You never came to save my world
            Cmaj7   Am
 What about me?

-What about us?-
Verse 4:
   Dm             G7             Cmaj7             Am
-I recognize that you’re upset I know they did you wrong-

                                      Oh you know  nothing of me
     Dm                G7                  Cmaj7             Am
-But trust me please believe me this won’t stop the hurt for long
Dm               G7            Cmaj7           Am
We don’t need to end like this, look me in the eyes-

                                Here comes the hero complex
     Dm              G7             Cmaj7              Am
-You call yourself a villain but we know  it’s  a   disguise-

     I know I’m the  villain,   but you’re the one who lies
Verse 5:
Dm                 G7
So! You’re back at it again?
Cmaj7                     Am
Twisting and manipulating every word I’ve said?
Dm            G7
-C’mon you know that’s not true
         Cmaj7              Am
I’m just trying to help you,  let me help you!-
Dm             G7
You are not my hero
Cmaj7                 Am
You don't know how it felt
Dm              G7              Cmaj7                Am
What else could you do with the cards that I've been dealt?
 Dm              G7
-You are not the villain,
Cmaj7            Am
You once held my hand-
Dm        G7                 Cmaj7              Am
Stand up. Get out. Sometimes things don’t go as planned.