Verse 1:
       F              G
I'm in love, with someone,
         Em            A
Who's in love with someone,
         Dm7                G   C
and that someone will never be  me
          F         G
So let me tell you about,
      Em               A
How I love the way you smile
         Dm7                G   C
And that smile someday will be  mine

Verse 2:
        F              G
I don’t know how to describe my feelings
Em                          A
blonde hair, brown eyes the way you see me
Dm7             G               C
hoodie, beanie, baggy jeans and cap
         F             G
You just walk into the coffee shop
      Em         A
while I intently watching you,
Dm7          G               C
wondering if I can know your name?

Verse 3:
            F                     G
That was my thought when we first met,
        Em                  A
It’s so weird but it’s also sweet,
        Dm7             G         C
Cause I seem to fall in love with you
       F             G
I’m in love with someone,
         Em            A
who’s in love with someone,
         Dm7                    G   C
and that someone, someday, will be  me