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Verse 1:
D				      Gbm
That was the way, that was the way it was
Bm							  G
When you're five years old and don't have nowhere else to run
	D					      Gbm
Except into your mother's arms, where she held you so tight
	   Bm							  G
And you're scared of the dark so you sleep with your little night light

D								Gbm
When you walked up to school and everyone there was your best friend
	Bm					    	G
When you learned your numbers and shapes and played pretend
	   D						   Gbm
You didn't mind that your hair was a mess, you were so carefree
	   Bm						    G
You didn't know how cold and cruel this world would one day be

Em		 A
We were just so young
We should have known
   Gbm		Bm
We should have known
	 Em				   A			     D	
That one day we'd hate our bodies and we'd orbit around buttons on a phone
   Gbm		Bm
We should have known
	 Em				 	A				 D
That one day we'd pluck our eyebrow hairs and wonder why the cool kids stared at me
   Gbm		    Bm
Oh why'd it have to be
Our imaginations have run dry
	A			     D
We hate ourselves and have a nightly cry
	    Gbm		   Bm	
And then we act like we're fine
	Em			  A				    D
It's alcohol and bombs and drugs, don't ever let your children grow up
Gbm 		Bm
-Oh oh oh oh oh oh-

G Gm

Verse 2:
	D							Gbm
We would swing on the swings and jump off and pretend we could fly
	Bm						G
But as soon as we blinked we grew up and we're junior high
	D							Gbm
So our dads dropped us off at the park and we stayed out 'till ten
	Bm					 G 	
So the makeup comes out and we think we need the perfect boyfriend

Em              A
We were just so young
How didn't we know
    Gbm		Bm
How didn't we know
		Em			A					   D
That we'd be independent on our own and lose more friends while traveling down the road
        Gbm	  Bm
Oh, how didn't we know
	     Em					A					D
That there's more to life than sleepovers and jocks turn out worse than the science nerds
	Gbm		   Bm
But somehow that all gets blurred
And some relationships they end real fast
	A				    D
And though you want you might never get it back
	Gbm		  Bm
The doors close just like that
	Em				A				D
It's depression and it's broken love, don't ever let your children grow up

Gbm              Bm
-Oh oh oh oh oh oh-

G Gm

Em		A
We're no longer young
So now that we know
	Gbm 	 Bm
So now that we know
	  Em					  A				D
That this world could use some turning 'round, if only we could find some common ground
	 Gbm     Bm
But it's up to us
	Em		 A			 D		 Bm
And although at times it gets so rough, you have got to let your children grow up
		Em			A				D
Yeah, you have got to let your children, got to let your children grow up
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  1. -2 is easiest <3
    thanks for putting some Maddie on ukutabs! ;-)

  2. Emerson Hoefer

    -2 is easier if that is what you need

  3. For easier chords transpose down 2 :)

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