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Intro: G    C9

   Pop works in the shop til eight
   Mom's on the phone and she's kind of irate
G               D                     C   Cadd9  C  Cmaj7
   Sally's doing sommersaults on the lawn

   Pop slams open the front screen door
   Just to scare mom
   She says, "What the hell did you do that for?"
G               D           C             Cadd9  C  Cmaj7
   He washes his dirty hands in the sink

   And things around the table are kind of rough
   Mom says it's pa
   Pa says, "Times are just tough"
G                          D                   C   Cadd9  C  Cmaj7
   Me and Sally don't say much of nothing at all

   The garage door light brightens up the night
   Pa always works on cars when he gets in a fight
G                                      D
   As though he could figure out that woman by working on that
        C   Cadd9  C  Cmaj7
   old car

   He said a car can cure any problem at all
   Cause seeing all those parts makes a fight look so small
G                              D
   But I wish he'd put me and Sally in the backseat and
     C            Cadd9  C  Cmaj7
   drive us away

   That's when he sits me down he said he's gonna teach me about life
   He said, "a man needs a car and a boy needs a bike"
             G                      D
   I got my first taste of freedom
                             C     Cadd9  C  Cmaj7
   beneath the light of the moon

F                  G
   But if it were me
F                G
   I'd have the guts
F              G            C    Cmaj7       Am
   I'd put to test   those bolts        and nuts
           Em  Am
   And I'd Ride
     C  D              G
   Away   so fast, so far

   Put away our tools
   We go back inside
   Mom feels left out and now she's starting to cry
G                       D                C      Cadd9  C  Cmaj7
   I wonder if all girls are crazy this way

   I wish pops would just get a spine
   I said I know it's little but you can borrow mine
G                          D                 C     Cmaj7   Cadd9  C
   He just smiles and says, "Your mom means well, son"

   Most times are good it's just some that are lame
   But love makes up for those times in beteween
             G                     D            C    Cadd9
   He got a tear in his eye as he took mamma's hand
C            Cmaj7         G
   said one day I'd understand

F                  G
   But if it were me
F                G
   I'd have the guts
F              G               C    Cmaj7      Am
   I'd put to test      those bolts       and nuts
           Em   Am
   And I'd Ride
     C  D              Em
   Away   so fast, so far
     Am    C  D             Em
   Ride  Away   so fast so far
     Am    C  D
   Ride  Away

Outro: Em    
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