A                 Amaj7          A7
There's a say-ing old, says that love is blind
D                  Gbm            B7
Still we're of-ten told, seek and ye shall find
Bm7                               E        A Bm7 Adim7 Bm7 E7
  So I'm going to seek a cer-tain lad I've had   in    mind

A               Amaj7           A7
Loo-king eve-ry-where, ha-ven't found him yet
D            Gbm           B7
He's the big af-fair I can-not for-get
Bm7                        E       A Gbm Dbm Ab7
On-ly man I ev-er think of with re-gret

Dbm         Gb                      Dbm       Gb
I'd like to add his in-i-tial to my mo-no-gram 
E    Abm  Gbm7         B7            E    D9   Dbm7 E7
Tell me,  where is the shep-herd for this lost lamb
A                        Bm7         Bdim7
There's a some-bo-dy I'm long-ing to see
Gbm       Gbdim7  E7           Edim7
I hope that he    turns out to be
Bm     Gb7  Bm     Dm6    E7    A  Db7  D  E7
  Some-one  who'll watch  o-ver me

A                          Bm7         Bdim7
  I'm a lit-tle lamb who's lost in the wood
Gbm      Gbdim7  E7        Edim7
I know I could   al-ways be good
Bm   Gb7  Bm     Dm7   E7    A A7 D Dm6
  To one  who'll watch o-ver me
A              D
  Al-though he may not be the man
                       A       Gbm
Some girls think of as hand-some
    Ab7        Db7          Gb7 B9 E   E7
To my heart he car-ries the key
A                              Bm7         Bdim7
  Won't you tell him please to put on some speed
Gbm       Gbdim7 E7       Edim7
Fol-low my lead  oh how I need

Bm     Gb7 Bm  Dm6   E7   A A7 D Dm6  A  A6  
  Some-one to  watch o-ver me