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C               Cm7             Am7       Db   
I really can't stay -Baby it's cold outside-
Dm7        G7              Dm7       G7 
I gotta go away -Baby it's cold outside-
     C           Cm7                    Am7
This evening has been -Been hoping that you'd drop in-
        Gm7                  C7
So very nice -I'll hold your hands they're just like ice-
   F           Dm       F                Dm
My mother will start to worry -Beautiful what's your hurry?-
   Fm             Fm6        Fm                   Fm6
My father will be pacing the floor -Listen to the fireplace roar-
C             Cm7    Am7
So really I'd better scurry -Beautiful please don't hurry-
     D7                        G7
Well maybe just a half a drink more -I'll put some records on while I pour-
    C               Cm7              Am7     Db   
The neighbors might think -Baby it's bad out there-
    Dm7            G7                    Dm7     G7
Say what's in this drink? -No cabs to be had out there-
  C           Cm7                      Am7
I wish I knew how -Your eyes are like starlight now-
              Gm7                   C7
To break this spell -I'll take your hat, your hair looks swell-
  F            Dm      F               Dm
I ought to say no, no, no sir -Mind if move in closer?-
   D7                         G7
At least I'm gonna say that I tried -What's the sense of hurtin' my pride?-
  C            Cm7              Am7
I really can't stay -Baby don't hold out-
A7          D7   G7  C
Oh but it's cold outside
  C            Cm7          Am7       Db   
I simply must go -Baby it's cold outside-
    Dm7       G7                Dm7      G7
The answer is no -But baby it's cold outside-
    C           Cm7                  Am7
The welcome has been -How lucky that you dropped in-
            Gm7                C7
So nice and warm -Look out the window at that storm-
   F           Dm    F                       Dm
My sister will be suspicious -Gosh your lips look delicious!-
   Fm              Fm6          Fm                 Fm6
My brother will be there at the door -Waves upon a tropical shore-
   C             Cm7     Am7
My maiden aunt's mind is vicious -Gosh your lips are delicious!-
     Dm7                        G7
Well maybe just one little kiss more -Never such a blizzard before-
     C          Cm7               Am7        Db   
I've got to get home -Baby you'll freeze out there-
    Dm7       G7                     Dm7       G7
Say lend me a coat? -It's up to your knees out there!-
       C           Cm7                   Am7
You've really been grand, -I feel when I touch your hand-
              Gm7               C7
But don't you see? -How can you do this thing to me?-
        F           Dm     F                   Dm
There's bound to be talk tomorrow -Think of my life long sorrow!-
   D7                         G7
At least there will be plenty implied -If you caught pneumonia and died!-
  C            Cm7                 Am7
I really can't stay -Get over that old out-
A7        D7   G7 C
Baby it's cold outside
A7        D7   G7 C 
Baby it's cold outside
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  1. sounds like a rap song… just saying…

  2. what’s the strumming pattern?

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