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G               Gsus2  G             G     Gsus2  G   C    C    C    C  
Such is the way of     the world, You can ne  -   ver know

G                 Gsus2  G              G   Gsus2  G   C     C    C    C  
Just where to put all    your faith And how will   it  grow

      D         G                           C        Cadd9  C  Cadd9
Gonna rise up, Bringing back holes in dark memories

      D         G                C        C    C   C6
Gonna rise up, Turning mistakes into gold

Interlude -x2-: G D Dsus4 C

G               Gsus2  G        G   Gsus2  G  C    C    C    C  
Such is the passage    of time, Too fast   to fold

G               Gsus2  G        G  Gsus2  C     C   C    C    C  
And suddenly swallowed by signs, Low and  be - hold

      D        G                     C        Cadd9  C  Cadd9
Gonna rise up, Find my direction magnetically

      D         G                        C      C    C   C6  C  C    C   C6
Gonna rise up, Throw down my haste in the road

D  Dsus4  D  Dsus4  G  Gsus4  G  C -x2-

D -six bars-

D  Dsus4  D  C  C    C   C    G
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  1. The chain of four C chords at the
    end of each line should go “C C-5 C5 C-5”

  2. For an easy tutorial on how to play all of this song, try the Ukulele Teacher. He describes it perfectly (:

  3. Dodgson_here

    @Just Curious

    I know this comment is a year old but just in case anyone else is wondering. Dsus4 is spelled D G A while Gsus2 is spelled G A D. When you go to spell this on the ukulele, it ends up being the same thing. That said, if given a choice I would double the G for the G chord and the D for the D chord if you wanted them to sound different but it’s 6 of one half dozen of the other once it’s live.

  4. Mr. Ukulele

    The words “throw down my haste in the road” should be ” throw down my ace in the hole”

  5. Just Curious

    In this page there is no difference in the chords illustrated between the Dsus4 and the Gsus2?

    The only distinction I could find online was that some sites have the 4th string muted on the Dsus4 when played and the Gsus2 that string is played open.

    • Dodgson_here

      I know this question is years old but in case anyone else is wondering:

      (This explanation relies on an understanding of musical intervals.)
      A suspended chord is where you replace the 3rd of a chord with another note (usually a perfect 4th or major 2nd). Normally a G chord is “spelled” G-B-D. To get Gsus2, we will replace the B with a major second above G which is an A for a new chord(G-A-D). There are three notes and four strings so we have options on how to play this. In the chord diagram here, they have chosen to double the G (usually a good call to double the root).

      On the other hand, D is normally D-F#-A. To get Dsus2 we replace F# with a perfect fourth above D which is G for a new chord of D-G-A. We now have two theoretically different chords made from the same notes. Here is where your confusion is coming from: Doubling the G in this chord makes absolutely no musical sense. It is a passing tone meant to lead to the next chord. By doubling it, they have made it more important to your ear than it should be. Preferably the D or A should have been doubled. I would recommend playing the second Fret on the G string or omitting the G string entirely as you have seen elsewhere.

      In other words they did it for convenience over musicality.

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