Verse: C C C

         C   Em
It's a mass grave
   Dm           C
a dollar-fifty resting place
        C     Em
On the north face
           Dm              G
there's a rope I've gotta climb
       Am      G
I'm a stone's throw
      F          Em
from everyone I love and know
       Am    Em
But I can't show
    F             G
up looking like I do

       C   Em
In an old suit
    Dm                      C
my hair is slicked up back nice and smooth
      C     Em
In a court room,
       Dm              G
sweat rolling down my back
       Am   G
It's a bad dream
   F             Em
I have it seven times a week
          Am  Em
No it was not me
     F               G      C
But I'm the one who has to die

Harmonica -x2-: C Em Dm G

         C    Em
Needs a cold draw
    Dm            C
to slow his tachycardia
      C   Em
In a dark bar
      Dm               G
this world just melts away
        Am    G
And he feels fine
   F                   Em
If he could just lose track of time
        Am   Em
It's a good sign
     F              G
when he can't stay awake

      C    Em
On a slow day
     Dm               C
the rain against the windowpane
       C Em
of the cafe
     Dm                  G
She spills the coffee grounds
         Am    G
And the same thought
F                Em
hits her like a cinder block
          Am   Em
Life's an odd job
      F                 G        C
that she don't got the nerve to quit

   C Em Dm C
   C Em Dm G
   Am G F G

           C    Em
Yeah it's just there
        Dm               C
At the bottom of those spiral stairs
          C       Em
It's the world's fair
     Dm             G
The future's on display
        Am   G
In the dark night
      F              Em
They turned on the electric lights
         Am    Em
And the crowd cried out
F               G    C
Everyone looked so amazed

   C F C G
   Am G F
   Em Dm C