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Intro: Dm Bb F Fsus2

Dm          Bb                      F
Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry
F                    Fsus2
You don't know how lovely you are.
Dm          Bb                  F
I had to find you, tell you I need you,
F                   Fsus2
Tell you I set you apart.

Dm             Bb                       F
Tell me your secrets and nurse me your questions,
F            Fsus2
Oh lets go back to the start.
Dm             Bb               F
Running in circles, Comin' in tails
F             Fsus2
Heads on a science apart.

Bb     Bb                F
Nobody said it was easy,
F              Fsus2
Oh it's such a shame for us to part.
Bb     Bb                F
Nobody said it was easy,
            Fsus2                       C  
No one ever said it would be so hard.
C                    F
Oh take me back to the start.

Interlude: Bb F F Fsus2

Dm            Bb                     F
I was just guessin' at numbers and figures,
F             Fsus2
Pulling the puzzles apart.
Dm              Bb                   F
Questions of science, science and progress
F                 Fsus2
Don't speak as loud as my heart.

Dm                Bb                     F
And tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
Oh and I rush to the start.
Dm           Bb               F
Runnin' in circles, Chasin' tails
F              Fsus2
Comin' back as we are

Bb     Bb                F
Nobody said it was easy,
F                              Fsus2
Oh it's such a shame for us to part.
Bb     Bb                F
Nobody said it was easy,
            Fsus2                       C  
No one ever said it would be so hard.
C                    F
Oh take me back to the start.

Interlude: Bb F F Fsus2  Dm Bb F Fsus2

Dm   Bb       F   F
  Ohhhh oooooo
Dm   Bb       F   F
  Ahhhh oooooo
Dm   Bb       F   Fsus2
  Ohhhh oooooo
Dm   Bb       F
  Ohhhh oooooo    
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  1. d are soft
    D are a little stronger

  2. I love this song but i just dont like the fsus 2 can anyone change that

  3. shadow_blackwood

    It’s too low for me to sing in the original key but I found that it sounds really pretty with +5 if you have a higher voice.

  4. Beati.Bellicosi

    this song is so gentle and beautiful, I absolutely love it

  5. Megan Biles

    I guess we’re all roasting Karl now

  6. Uso DddDddDd
    Los D son abajos fuertes y los “dd suaves

  7. ukuelele_lily

    I recommend doing the same strumming pattern for the intro as Zombie by the Cranberries which goes DDD DUD DDD

  8. The strumming pattern I was taught was DD UUD UDU DD UUD UDU DD UUD UDU and it’s my absolute fav

  9. altrockemo

    If you can fit in a C after you play the Bb in the verse it sounds really cool.

  10. I love this! It’s such a tender and touching song. I love it :)

  11. MeredythC

    +2 is easy and sounds amazing!!

  12. As a strumming pattern I just use slow DDDDD and than a fast U right before the chord changes. On the chorus I use D DU UD but I think you could find something better fitting

  13. Ok um this sounds horrible like its so slow and barley any notes change and it sounds like the 6th grade band playing jingle bells

    • Sage Wilcox

      This is a beautiful, poetical, and moving piece that so tenderly talks about real, saddening issues that countless people face everyday. I, as well as thousands of other, hold this song close to my heart. To criticize a song because of it’s tempo is immature and comparing it to an elementary rendition of an overused Christmas song is ridiculous. If you wish to play this song, put your heart into it, show some true emmotion. Or if you are lacking in feeling, leave people who actually appreciate and have a passion for music to play it. I hope, with practice, you will no longer sound like a ‘6th grade band playing jingle bells’.

      • thank you, sage!!!
        Karl, if you dont like a song please keep that to yourself. This song is very important and special to me and hearing this amazing song being torn down is hurtful. If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all. Keep your negativity to yourself while looking at a song as beautiful as this.

    • i love this response it brings me life

    • Honey, you don’t have to be here. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of tutorials for that “Jingle Bells” song you’re looking for ;)
      Go criticize the music that has no true feeling like that one called Lean and Dab.
      Don’t tear down the songs that are close to people’s hearts.

    • this song is very important to me as i cry everytime i hear it. as someone with anxiety, social anxiety, slight agoraphobia, medical episodes (caused by POT syndrome, (sleep) vaso vagel syncope, convulsive syncope, and low blood pressure) that left me with ptsd (for example: phobia of throwing up/passing out, terrified every time i get dizzy or have a stomach ache or if someone has thrown up in the past month.) ADHD, ADD, perfectionist episodes that leave me stressed out to tears, extreme levels of stress for only being 13, and a lot of phobias (snakes, spiders, heights, elevators, etc)
      this song means a lot if you listen to the words, and i mean ACTUALLY listen

  14. To all the beginners out there (aka me), play it +2. However, if you want to sing to it, this might sound either to high or too low if you’re a soprano! Hope this helped! Nora xxx

  15. if youre having trouble singing it in this key, i’d suggest staying in this key and maybe capoing the 2nd fret… it wont match the original but i found it helps if your voice is lower!

  16. Its call it a tails not comin a tails.

  17. mareggbian

    yeah these are the chords, if the capo is on the 5th fret. for the original key, transpose to +5 or just use your capo.

  18. For the strumming pattern just follow the guitar pattern that plays after the first chorus in the song.

  19. hey does anyone know what the strumming pattern is?

  20. annika_marie

    And it sounds fine

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