G               C
Be still, there is a healer
     Em                     D
His love is deeper than the sea
    G         C
His mercy is unfailing
    Em                       D
His arms, a fortress for the weak

           Am    C        
Let Faith Arise
           Em   D
Let Faith Arise

I Lift My Hands to believe again
           Em                    C
You are my Refuge, you are my strength
As I Pour out my heart, these things I remember
         Dm7            C
You are Faithful God forever

    G                 C
Be Still, there is a river
      Em                   D
That flows from Calvary's Tree
     G               C
A Fountain for the thirsty
     Em                     D
His Grace, that washes over me

Bridge -2x-:
            G                C               Em            D
 Let Faith Arise, Let Faith Arise , Open My Eyes, Open My Eyes