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    Db Bbm Ab
    Gb Ab Db 

Db                    Bbm      Ab
Please don’t tell me I can’t make it
Gb                   Ab    Db
It aint gunna do me any good
Db                               Bbm     Ab
And please don’t offer me your modern methods
Gb                        Ab      Db
Of fixing the carve this out of wood
Db               Bbm   Ab          Gb              Ab      Db
From Nogales to Magdalena there sixty miles of sacred road
Db                          Bbm        Ab     
And the promise is made to those who venture; 
   Gb                  Ab         Db
San Francisco will lift your load

    Db Bbm Ab
    Gb Ab Db 

Db           Bbm   Ab
In the land of old sonora 
Gb               Ab      Db       
a shallow river valley cries
Db                       Bbm  Ab
The summer left her without forgiveness 
Gb                    Ab          Db
It’s mirrored in her children’s eyes
Db                 Bbm      Ab
Prodigal sons and wayward daughters
Gb                 Ab    Db                          
Carry mandas that they might 
Db                     Bbm        Ab
Be delivered from the depths of darkness
Gb                 Ab      Db
And born again by candle light
Gb                 Ab      Db
And born again by candle light


Ab              Db    Ab          Bbm
Blisters on my feet wooden rosary
Ab                 Db           Ab        Gb
I felt them in my pocket as I ran
Ab               Db        Ab          Bbm
a bullet in the night, a Federales' light
Ab             Db           Ab            Gb
San Francisco do you understand

Db               Bbm       Ab           Gb                Ab        Db
Tell Him that I made the journey and tell Him that my heart is true
Bbm                    Db      Eb       Gb                            
I’d like His blessing of forgiveness before the angels send it through

-key change-
Eb                    Cm   Bb             
And I will know that I am clean now and I 
Ab                    Bb         Eb
will dance and the band will play
Eb              Cm    Bb              Ab                Bb       Eb
In the old out to cantina cups will runneth over the ancient clay
Eb                       Cm  Bb           Ab               Bb    Eb
And if I should fall to temptation when I return to the evil throws
Eb               Cm   Bb         Ab            
From Nogales to Magdalena as a two time beggar 
   Bb      Eb        Bb            Cm  Bb
I will go where I know I can be forgiven
    Ab               Bb   Eb       Eb-Cm-Bb             
The broken heart of Mexico
    Ab               Bb   Eb       Eb-Cm-Bb             
The broken heart of Mexico
    Ab               Bb   Eb              
The broken heart of Mexico    
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