Intro: E Ab A B E

Verse 1:
     E                                             Ab
Been thinking bout all of the ways that I spend my time
And the thoughts in my mind
B                           E
  And then I think about you
     E                                          Ab
Like back when we had first met and my hair was long
And I played you my song
B                   E
 But it wasn’t the time yet

Verse 2:
       E                                               Ab
Or the night that we danced in the kitchen to sufjan’s chicago
                 A       B         E
And I prayed for tomorrow never to come
       E                             Ab
Or the conversation we had I was in a hotel hallway
           A             B         E
You were in Buenos Aires, I was in Buffalo

Chorus 1:
              A            B
And we made a plan for the city life
            A             B
You take my hand and it's all alright
               A     B                      E
We’ll walk for miles until our legs give out
             A         B
And then I'll lay down next to you
            A            B
We’ll talk about all the things we’ll do
        A                 B                E     E7
But for now we’ll plant a garden in the backyard

Chorus 2:
             A                B
I'll make my songs and you’ll save the world
             A                B
You’re all I want, you’re the perfect girl
          A              B                E
I don’t belong, but I'll be here for you always

Interlude: E Ab A B E

Verse 3:
  E                                                       Ab
I love the way you look in the morning when you grimace at me
        A               B                    E
Cause I woke you up too early, and you can't see
      E                                               Ab
But I love the look in your eye when you get a little tipsy
                        A       B
Or when you tell me you miss me
How did this happen to me?

Chorus 3:
           A          B
I love the scar underneath your chin
           A            B
I love the places we’ve never been
           A            B            E
I love the way that you end up in my arms at night
           A          B                              A           B
I love our bike rides through the park, you love the light and I love the dark
            A                    B                  E            E7
But that’s alright, cause you’ve got my heart from now till then

Chorus 4:
       A         B                       A                B
I love waking up next to you, I love your face I love the things you do
           A           B                    E
And I just want you to know that I sure love you

Outro: E Ab A B E