Intro -x2-:
Cmaj7 A F6 G7

Cmaj7            A                F6 G7
your eyes have a way of making me go blind
Cmaj7             A                        F6 G7
your smile does a thing that just melts my mind
   Cmaj7                      A
it feels like im abseiling in another world
    F6                   G7
and someones dropped the line
      Cmaj7       F6       G7    G7sus4  G7
and i feel myself drifting away
Cmaj7            A                         F6  G7
your pride is so high yet you still act so shy
Cmaj7       A                            F6    G7
your a sore loser but let me win all the time
         Cmaj7                A
so when someone asks me why i love you so
  F6             G7
i know my reason why
        Cmaj7     F6          G7     G7sus4 G7
and the stars now reside in my eyes

Cmaj7       A         F6   G7
you make me feel like im alright
Cmaj7 A            F6
i       could stay tucked in your arms all day
    G7                     Cmaj7   A
and fall asleep in them at night
                   F6                    G7
and as long as the world goes around the         
            Cmaj7    A
to a steady demise
       F6        G7
i'll be with you
            Cmaj7  A
by your side its true
                F6         G7
and you'll smile back at me
              Cmaj7   A  F6
with those brown eyes
     G7           Cmaj7    C
the ones i always knew