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A# chordBb7 chordA chordA7 chordBm chordBm7 chordC# chordCm chordCm7 chordD# chordD chordE7 chordEm chordGb7 chordF chordF7 chordFm chordG# chordG chordG7 chordGm chord

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DD chord            AA chord                  GG chord                     A7A7 chord
Think of me, think of me fondly when we've said good-bye
   DD chord        AA chord               GG chord                  A7A7 chord
Remember me every so often, promise me you'll try
BmBm chord                        Gb7Gb7 chord                      Bm7Bm7 chord           E7E7 chord
On that day, that not so distant day, when you are far away and free,
        DD chord          Bm7Bm7 chord     EmEm chord   Gb7Gb7 chord GG chord       AA chord  DD chord
If you ever find a moment, spare a thought for me.
CmCm chord                                   G7G7 chord                           Cm7Cm7 chord
And though it's clear, though it was always clear, that this was never ment 
   FF chord
to be

        EbEb chord         Cm7Cm7 chord    FmFm chord   GmGm chord  AbAb chord    BbBb chord EbEb chord
If you happen to remember stop and think of me.
AbAb chord       BbBb chord              DbDb chord
Think of August when the trees were green
      EbEb chord               Cm7Cm7 chord       FmFm chord         Bb7Bb7 chord
Don't think about the way things might have been
EbEb chord           BbBb chord                 AbAb chord         Bb7Bb7 chord
Think of me, think of me waking silent and resigned
  EbEb chord       BbBb chord                 AbAb chord              Bm7Bm7 chord
Imagine me trying too hard to put you from my mind
CmCm chord                             G7G7 chord                   Cm7Cm7 chord                F7F7 chord
Think of me, please say you'll think of me whatever else you choose to do 
           EbEb chord         Cm7Cm7 chord      FmFm chord GmGm chord   AbAb chord    Bb7Bb7 chord EbEb chord
There will never be a day when I won't think of you

Flowers fade, the fruits of summer fade. They have their seasons so do we

But please promise me that sometimes you will think
AbAb chord   Bb7Bb7 chord EbEb chord
Ah…  Of Me!
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  1. i sing this song in classes quite often, i’ve come across at least five different versions including this one haha

  2. I actually really like this arangement! though i have never quite Ab (G#) on the ukulele and replaced it with E and i love the extra spice it adds

  3. frankieplaystwentyonepilots

    The lyrics are off (also chords!)

    This is in fact not even the movie version. Nor the Brodway version!

  4. @Amy_Uke This version is from the movie not the Broadway show.

  5. @tori.crowell I believe the lyrics have been changed around quite bit from the original. I went to see phantom, and think of me was totally different :P

  6. Tori.Crowell

    i’m sorry but this is not the correct song. and i doubt that Andrew Lloyd Webber made a different version.

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