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Intro: D

D                           G
I don't wanna drive a fancy car today
              Bm        A       Gm7
I don't wanna ride in a red corvette
D                    G
I don't wanna jog my Saturday away
      Bm          A       Gm7
But I don't wanna go home yet
D                       G
Today is not the day to jump out of a plane
              Bm          A        Gm7
I don't wanna parasail or play roulette 
D                            G
I don't wanna risk it all or go insane
      Bm          A       Gm7     
But I don't wanna go home yet

               G         D
I just want to watch the birds go by
        Gm6                        Bm    Bm7
From my handy foldable blue canvas throne
        G          D
I wanna watch them fly and fly
    Gm6                       Bm     Bm7
And see them soar up into the unknown
        G                               Gm                           D
But I'd feel just like a nerd, watching birds, watching me here all alone

D                            G
I don't wanna break dance or learn tai Kwon do
              Bm                A        Gm7
I don't wanna fish till all the fish are gone 
D                          G
I don't wanna roller skate even if it's slow
              Bm          A      Gm7
I don't wanna pass out in a marathon
D                    G
I don't like soccer, baseball track or field
        Bm       A        Gm7
I'm not up for a match of polo
D                     G
I don't wanna seek or try to stay concealed 
         Bm        A         Gm7    
I'm also not up for... water polo

             G         D
I just wanna watch the birds up there
          Gm6                          Bm  Bm7
Track the migratory patterns that they flow
        G          D
I wanna watch them from my chair
        Gm6                         Bm   Bm7
With my binoculars, my latte and my phone
   G                         Gm                         D
Trying to spot a lark in the park parked in nature all alone

A                                 G
Alone here with the doves and the sparrows and the ospreys
    Bm                     G
The owlets, the eagles and my list
          A                     G
It's just me and Mr. Finch, the robins, the kingfishers
    Bm                                 A
The snipes, though I heard they don't exist
G                          D
Each little species in its little way can teach me
     D7                        G9
What awaits you if you can get away

        G                  D
I wanna watch the birds do what they will
Gm6                           Bm   Bm7
Sorry if I'm ornithologically prone
        G                                  D
I wanna watch from somewhere undisturbing, quiet, calm and still
Gm6                              Bm   Bm7
Sit right here and gaze at the unknown 

G                                             A
I don't wanna fly in the sky, I just wanna be alone.

I just wanna be alone
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  1. I’m new to ukulele.. what does the 0, +4, etc mean?

    • This is pretty late lmao but it’s to transpose the chords either up or down- basically it’s mainly used for say, if these chords meant that the main melody was too low for someone to sing, you could transpose the chords up and make the whole song higher, and vice versa, if that makes sense?

  2. ThIs WaS TEreNcE

    • I think they are using the cover with dodie and Thomas because of the easy access to the chords dodie used… I’m just guessong

  3. I’ve seen somethings about how the Gm7 doesn’t work, and I agree. I tried substituting it with a regular G chord, and it doesn’t sound completely correct, but it sounds pretty close so that’s what I use.

  4. +1 is the actuall key they do it in. And plus i love Thomas Sanders so this is amazing

  5. what strumming patterns did you guys use?

  6. sonalipapaya

    I’d day you can replace the Gm7 with just plain G and for Gm6 a simple Gb sounds wonderful

  7. instead of “my list” its “mynas”

  8. Schutterbug

    What is the strumming pattern?

  9. Sarah plays ukulele not tragedies

    -2 still has some tricky chords, but I find it much easier! Just put a capo on 2nd fret to keep the same key.

  10. great chords!! i think 0 works for this song, though i just replace all the Gm7s, Gm6s and G9s with F#m and it sounds okay :)

  11. It’s ‘Taekwondo’ not *Taikwondo*

  12. anything better than am7? doesn’t sound right

  13. I found that playing the cords as is (at “0”), but putting a capo on fret one sounds nice and is pretty easy :)
    Also, I don’t think Gm7 is right either.

  14. What’s a good strumming patterning for this song


  16. Am7 sounds wrong – is there any other way of playing it ?(other than open strings)

  17. +1 is better

  18. YEESSSS love this song!!!!!!

  19. aalleexx_bailey


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