Verse - Am throughout the whole Verse -
This is the greatest and best song in the world...   Tribute.
Long time ago me and my brother Kyle here,
We was hitchhikin' down a long and lonesome road.
All of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon...
In the middle of the road.
And he said:
Am - Palm-Muted -
"Play the best song in the world, or I'll eat your souls."

Well me and Kyle, we looked at each other,
And we each said...   "Okay"

Am                                 G
And we played the first thing that came to our heads,
Just so happened to be,
Am                   G                 F
The Best Song in the World, it was The Best Song in the World.

D                          F
Look into my eyes and it's easy to see
        C                     G
One and one make two, two and one make three,
It was destiny.
D                           F
Once every hundred-thousand years or so,
         C                      G
When the sun doth shine and the moon doth glow
And the grass don't grow...

- This Verse is also Am played continually -
Needless to say, the beast was stunned.
Whip-crack went his schwumpy tail
And the beast was done.
He asked us: "Be you angels?"
And we said, "Nay. We are but men!"


D     F     C       G
Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh-ah-ah,
Ohhh, whoah, ah-whoah-oh!

Am              G                    F
This is not The Greatest Song in the World.
Am                 G        F
No, this is just a tribute.
Am                    G                    F
Couldn't remember The Greatest Song in the World.
Am            G      F   Am
No, this is a tribute, oh.

       G        D           F          Am
To The Greatest Song in the World, All right!
           G        D           F          Am
It was The Greatest Song in the World, All right!
It was the best muthaxxxxin' song
D                        F
The greatest song in the world.

                          Am           G                   D
Ti Tuga digga tu Gi Friba fligugigu Uh Fligugigu Uh Di Ei Friba Du Gi Fligu 
F                                                 Am
fligugigugi Flilibili Ah Fligu wene mamamana Sacrebleu!
G D F Am G D F

          Am              G
And the peculiar thing is this my friends:
    D                    F
The song we sang on that fateful night,
   Am                    G                  D
It didn't actually sound anything like this song.

F                 Am        G         D
This is just a tribute! You gotta' believe me!
      F             Am            G          D       F
And I wish you were there! Just a matter of opinion.
          Am        G
Ah, xxxx! Good God, God lovin',
D               F
So surprised to find you can't stop it.
I'm on fire
       G                D                    F
O hallelujah I'm found! Rich motherxxxxer compadre, yeah 

E F G         E F         E F
    All right!  All right!

Big thanks to UkeFluke for providing this tab!