Intro -x4-: Amaj7 Ab7 E Db7

Verse 1:
Amaj7            Ab7
Ain't it just so easy to say
E          Db7           Amaj7
You don't feel the same way
Ab7                E      Db7
As that Nice Boy does, babe?

Verse 2:
    Amaj7          Ab7
He misses you, he wants you
          E                   Db7
But, you just don't feel the same
Amaj7          Ab7        E
Why don't you tell him today?
Yeah, huh-huh-huh

Verse 3:
Amaj7        Ab7                E            Db7
She doesn't want him because he cares too much
     Amaj7     Ab7            E      Db7
But now he's gone and she's alone again
Amaj7         Ab7             E         Db7
Maybe if she tried a little harder to find
    Amaj7           Ab7              E               Db7
The gem within his heart that was there this whole time

Outro -x8-: Amaj7 Ab7 E Db7