Intro: - Harmonica ad lib -

Am                                          Em
I can see you in the morning when you go to school.
G                                                         Dm
Don't forget your books, you know you've got to learn the golden rule.
Am                                                    Em
Teacher tells you stop your play and get on with your work,
    G                                         Dm
And be like Johnny Toogood. Don't you know he never shirks. 

He's coming along.

Am D      Am G      Am D      Am G  

Am                                          Em  
After school is over, you're playing in the park.
G                                   Dm          F  
Don't be out too late, don't let it get too dark.
     Am                                         Em  
They tell you not to hang around and learn what life's about.
    G                                     Dm       F  
And grow up just like them, won't let you work it out.
           C       E 
And you're full of doubt.

 Am        D          Am        D          
 Am        D          Am        D          
 Am        D          Am        D          
 Am        D          Am        D          
 Am        D          Am        D          
 Am        D          Am        D          

Instrumental: - Piano Solo -
 Am      Em       Em7      Dm       Am      Em       Em7      Dm       
 Am      G        G        F        Am      G        G        F        
 Am      G        G        Dm       Am      G        G        Dm       
 Am      Em       Em7      Dm       Am      Em       Em7      Dm       

- +Flute +Recorder -
 Am      Em       G        Dm       Am      Em       G        Dm       
 Am      Em       G        Dm       Am      G        G        F        

E                  Am
Don't do this, and don't do that.
What are they tryin' to do?
Make a good boy of you.
Am           D          E 
Do they know where it's at?

      E                  Am
Don't criticise, they're old and wise.
Do as they tell you to.
Don't want the devil to
Am            D        E       
Come and pull out your eyes.

 A    B    E     E    A     B    E         

Am                            Em  
Maybe I'm mistaken, expecting you to fight.
   G                                  Dm            F  
Or maybe I'm just crazy, I don't know wrong from right. 
    Am                                    Em  
But while I'm still living, I've just got this to say.
     G                              Am
It's always up to you, if you wanna be that,
F                     C           E 
Wanna see that, wanna see it that way.
               Am    - Hold to finish -
You're coming along.