D                Bm          G
Sometimes when I look in the mirror
  A              D            Bm    G             G
I still see your face resting on my shoulder
       D              Bm
And my heart beats so fast
        G            A     D           Bm G G
That I start to feel alive again

        D        Bm     G            A
And the rain, it washes away all the pain
          D              Bm            G           G
'Cause it feels like the sound of your voice
        D         Bm     G               A
And I'm comforted by the sweet smells of dew
            D       Bm            G      A
Because the sunrise reminds me of you
Chorus 1:
         D      Bm        G         A
And I'll always find you, again and again
         D          Bm         G       G
And I'll love every version of you
           D     Bm    G
And you're never truly gone
   A         D           Bm           G      A
As long as a part of you in me lives on
Interlude: D Bm G A
Chorus 2:
            D      Bm       G         A
'Cause I'll always find you again and again
         D        Bm    G      G
And I'll lose you every time
       D            Bm       G        A
But my lovе, I will hold you close to me
         D            Bm        G        D
'til you fade from my arms pеacefully