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Once upon a time, girl, I was just like you.
Never let my extra large largesse shine through

Hair was brown and nappy, never had no fun.
I hid under a bushel, Which is easier said than done!

Then one day my grandma who was big and stout,
She said you gotta love yourself from inside out.
And just as soon as I learned how to strut my funky stuff.
  C                                       B7    
I found out that the world at large can't 
get enough. So...

A      E    A      
Bring on that 
E7  A     E      E      
pecan pie.
Pour some sugar on it, sugar.
Don't be shy

    A         Bb     
Scoop me up a mess
        E     Ab7    Db     G     
Of that chocolate swirl
Gb7   E     Am    
Don't be stingy,
Gb7     B7
I'm a growing girl

I offer 
A      E7     
big love 
     A    E7    A     E     
With no apology
How can I deny the world
    Dbm     Bm7         
The most of me

        Bb               E     
am not afraid to throw my 
       Ab7    Db   
weight around
   Gb7     A7     E    E  
Pound by pound by pound
Because i'm
                E7  A7     E7  
Big, blonde and beautiful
There is nothin' 'bout me
        E7  A     E7      Gbm7   
That's unsuitable

G7  Ab7  
one wants a meal
          Dbm    E7      A   
That only offers the least
     E          Gb7        
When girl we're servin' up
    Gbm7    A    E    Csus4    Gm      F   
The whole damn feast

F7    Bb7    F7     
Slice off a piece
   Bb    F7      Bb7    F    F      
Of that hogs head cheese
Then take a look inside
          Dm     F        F     
My book of recipes

     Bb               B     
Now, don't you sniff around
              F    A7       D     Ab       
For something fluffy and light
  G7     F       Bbm    
I need a man who brings
  G7      C7
A man size... Appetite

I'll use a 
Bb7      F7     
pinch of sugar
Bb    F7    Bb7    F    F       
And a dash of spice
I'll let ya lick the spoon
           Dm        F        F     
Because it tastes so nice

     Bb            B     
I'll keep it in my oven
        F     A7     D   
'Till it's good and hot
        G7              Gm7    Bb7    F    F  
Keep on stirring til it hits the spot
Because i'm...

                F7  Bb    F7  
Big, blonde and beautiful
And Edna girl, you're lookin' so
 F7    Bb    F7    Gm7    
  A7           A7     
Why sit in the bleachers
Dm        F7      Bb   
Timid and afraid
     F       G7        
When Edna, you 
            Gm7    Bb      C  
can be your own parade!

Db7   Abm       Gb      

B7     Gb7      
Look out, 
B     Gb7  B7     Gb      
old Baltimore
      Gb       D   
We're marching in
And we ain't shufflin'
             Ebm  D7  Dbm7   
Through that old back door

    Gb     B               C     
And Tracy, i will join your fight
         Gb      Bb7      Eb    
If i can keep up this pace

    A           Ab7      Gb      Bm    
And girls, i'll be right at your side
   Ab7    Db7
If I can find some space

So you can
B7        Gb7      
Hold your head up
B       Gb7    B       Gb     
Just as big as you please
You know they'll hear me knockin'
         Ebm           Gb         
With the two of these!

  B               C     
Tomorrow, side by side
               Gb         Bb7      Eb   
We'll show the world what's right

               Ab7                          Gb    Gb  
Looks like I'm touchin' up my roots tonight!

Then we'll be
                Gb7  B       Gb7  
Big, blonde and beautiful
It's time to face the fact
        Gb7  B     Gb7       Ab7    
It's irrefutable

   Bb              Bb7    
Can't ya hear that rumbling?
           Ebm       Gb7       B   
That's our hunger to be free
     Gb      Ab7      
It's time to fin'ly taste
 Abm7      Gb  

On mother  aughter day
Where thin is in,
We're white as wool

Well ladies, big is back!
    F                Eb  
And as for black, it's...


All shapes and sizes, follow me

Let's bust their chops!

Quick, call the cops!

We're gonna dance our way to victory!

Gb    B      Gb7   Gb        
B                     Gb     
TV'S got to integrate!

B      Gb7   
 Gb         B 
This isn't Negro Day!

Gb    B      Gb7   Gb        
B                     D7 
TV'S got to integrate!

We're here to dance!

We're here to stay!

Ab7             D          Db7  
Tracy, this was beautiful!

Big, blonde, and beautiful,
         Gb    Gb7       B    C       Db7   Gb       
lead the way!    
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