Em G C B
   Em G C B7
Verse 1:
Em           G
I was just a normal boy
    C                Bm
Who longed to live in peace
Em                       G
Built my house along the highway
C                B
Was obsessed with bees

Em            G
Known to be a sidekick
           C        B
They think I'm a pushover
    Em              B
But kindness was my only strength
       C              B7       C
In the land so full of anger
Chorus 1:
        Am            Em         Bm        C
When my friends and I fought for freedom
       Am               Em               Bm
Arrows from the sky and bombs beneath my feet, oh
C     Am    Em          Bm             C
In the final night I was led to my demise
        Am              B
Trust a comrade, fell into my death hole
   Em G C Bm
   Em G C B7
Verse 2:
Em                G
Free at last, I'm homeless though
  C              B7
I finally live in peace
  Em         G               C             B7
a nation was born inside the walls I always see
   Em                 G
My friends have skirmishes
             C               B7
But I'm just living life much quieter
Em                 G
I've been called a fool so much
    C        B       C
For being the humbler one
Chorus 2:
        Am                Em         Bm      C
When my friends this time fought for power
       Am                Em             Bm
Two of them were thrown away from this land, oh
C       Am    Em                   Bm               C
Eyes for enemy sides, thought I was far from my demise
         Am            B
Can't believe what I adorned was my death hole
Post Chorus:
Em            B7                   Em
I can hear my best friend shout my name
                A7              C
Betrayed twice, story stays the same
                   Bm                       Gbdim
False assurance of safety, can't trust anybody
I don't want to fall in this death hole
   Em G C B
   Em G C B7