D          G
It was upon a Lammas night
     C             G
When corn rigs are bonnie
  D                  G
Beneath the moon's unclouded light
  C              G
I held awhile to Annie
    A                 Am
The time went by with careless heed
'Till 'tween the late and early
With small persuasion she agreed
   Em                 G  
To see me through the barley

D             C
Corn rigs and barley rigs and
D             Bm
Corn rigs are bonnie
     D               G
I'll not forget that happy night
Em                  G
Among the rigs with Annie

    D                 G
The sky was blue, the wind was still
    C                G
The moon was shining clearly
  D                 G
I set her down with right goodwill
 C                G
Among the rigs o' barley
  A              Am
I kent her heart was my own

I loved her most sincerely
I kissed her o'er and e'er again
Em                G
Among the rigs of barley Human check completed? 5